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So I’ve been for a swim three times in the last week. Man, it feels good. I’m going to invest in some flippers because, well, just because.


Yesterday the humidity was in the 30s – THIRTIES – dude, that meant I was able to function as an almost normal human being. Today was quite pleasant too. Oh February, you’re such a tease. A bastard armpit month of a tease.


I’m making a quilt as a gift and following a pattern. It all went awry and when I took it in to my local fabric shop (from where I bought the pattern and fabrics) it turns out my seems are slightly (as in 1/8 inch) too wide and that is enough to throw the whole pattern off. T.D.OUS. The legend in the shop (as opposed to the surly one) actually worked out a solution for me so the finished quilt will be slightly smaller but I haven’t done a heap of work for nothing.


We have been without Pay TV for two weeks now and here is what I’ve discovered:
– the very impressive programming on the ABC – the program on Foreign Correspondent last night which followed a US Army medical unit in Afghanistan (The Golden Hour) was insightful, heartfelt and gripping with none of the, I don’t know, melodrama that normally goes with such stories.  Felix and I were mesmerised.
– Rowen Atkinson’s The Black Adder is just as hilarious as I found it two decades ago.
– I miss SpongeBob Squarepants and Jasper missed Tikabilla but otherwise the children programming we’re accessing is absolutely fine.
Channel 9’s coverage of the Winter Olympics is absolutely woeful. For example, the men’s figure skating today? They showed T.W.O. routines – of lower ranked competitors. That was it. PATHETIC. On top of that, the evening broadcast is hosted by Eddie McGuire, a revolting misogynistic pig of a man who carried on about Dale Begg-Smith’s silver medal as if we’d been robbed, also used the phrase ‘climactic finish’ the other day, commentates with a pen in his hand which he both points at us through the camera and bangs on the desk, and on interviewing Katarina Witt last night asked the same question three different ways (basically how does someone lead a normal life after winning a gold medal) and then went on to ask the same question but spending some time talking about the Playboy issue she posed for. OY.  Meanwhile, the Winter Olympics actually involves skilled sportspeople competing in a whole host of sports – something you’d never know from Channel 9’s coverage.  Eddie McGuire was hauled over the coals once for talking about getting a newsreader ‘boned’ – i.e. sacked for poor viewing numbers. Someone needs to bone Eddie toot sweet to put all of us out of our misery.
– The TV is definitely not on as much and that can only be a good thing.


I’m organising our 20 year school reunion and today finally made the call to the school to start the process. Turns out the ex-student coordinator used to be one of our English teachers. So, that was weird. For those who went to school with me and read this, it’ll be in October.


Felix has expressed an interest in getting an agent.

I’ll just leave that sentence with you for a moment.

So I discussed it with the head of the drama school he goes to on Saturdays and she’s given me the name of a reputable talent agency. Even typing that phrase makes me feel like a dirty cheap white trash show pony mother who’s going to start getting Felix’s hair streaked.  Anyway, I rang them too today (so productive!) and there’s auditions in April. Won’t that be fun.


It’s official, the Turdinator is no more. Now we have a child who runs to the toilet from wherever he is in the house … or yard. Granted, he was going to the toilet the other day and Oscar told him not to do it in their room, so he went and did a massive wee on their bedroom floor, but apart from that questionable comedic hiccup I haven’t had to clean up someone else’s bodily fluids for weeks. I feel like a new woman!


I’ve got a raft of books that need to go back to the library and are now overdue. You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard going two suburbs away to drop a pile of books down a chute but there you have it. Insurmountable physical challenge when you least expect it.

The boys who live across the road from us bred their guinea pigs and today, with his own money, Felix bought one. So now we have three and Felix has ‘his own’. Never been a good sharer our Felix. Anyway, she’s as cute as a button and I’m quite happy to have another addition to the guinea pig clan. We’re considering breeding either Harriet or Matilda with their boar because he’s an abyssinian (the ones with the crazy hair going every direction) and they were the kind I wanted from the outset. The new addition has been named Cocoa Powder Taco. CocoTaco for short. She’s black and brown with crazy swirly hair. Bring it.


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  • Anonymous

    Nice post but guess what made me happy … Turdinator no more.
    It's the end of an era.

  • trash

    Have you considered a silent Q at the beginning? Of Felix' name I mean because as of April when he 'enters the scene' he is going to need that special something to put him head and shoulders above those other kids


  • BabelBabe

    so what you're telling me is that you have adopted the guinea pig equivalent of Johnny Weir.

  • kim at allconsuming

    Babs – OMG – you're totally right. It is Johnny Weir.

    Paola – I am so hoping the Turdinator is no more. I worry I'm jinxing myself in writing it down but it's too good not to announce.

    Trash – I like your style. I knew we should have worked a 'y' into his name somehow.

  • Bec



  • Bec

    NO, hang on, double iis are so 90s.


  • kim at allconsuming

    BEC – perfect.


    How's this:

  • Bec

    I like it.

    Of course, if you added a silent A in the form of an @ it would also enhance his digital-native status while giving him the alphabetical advantage of being at the top of the list.

    Hence: @FFylyx

  • fifi

    because I told you to.
    And you are a good girl.
    We should have a play date.