How many years have I coveted this mug from Toast? How many? We’re getting close to five. F.I.V.E. Yes, that is totally ridiculous, but at 25 pounds that is about 70 Aus$. FOR.A.MUG. And I’d want at least four while secretly desiring six. And well, I’m just not that much of a mug.

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  • Anonymous

    Well I went and checked. They're out of stock.
    Problem solved!

  • uli

    Ohh, I can see why you want those.

    The exchange rate is much better than that now, but would still amount to mug = super expensive.

    Pity they're out of stock though.

  • sooz

    That's mental. Seriously.

  • Estelle

    Buy it. You love it, indulge yourself. Buy it. If you'd bought one a year since you fell in love you'd have 5 now. Buy it.

  • Elizabeth

    Who spends $70 bucks on a cup? Does it make its own Skinny mocha?
    That would be the only reason I would pay that much for a cup.
    But good on you for putting it out there someone is sure to buy you one (or 4).

  • Anonymous

    holy crap! after having 4 kids you still have the ability of drinking from an un-lipped mug?

    i gotta have a lipped mug to help channel the coffee into my mouth or it "drools' down my chin.

    to me the holy grail of coffee mugs would have a lipped rim; be made of unbreakable fine bone china (dreaming here); have 2 handles – one on each side; keep the coffee piping hot until i actually got to finish it and deliver an electric shock to anyone who dared to use "my mug".

    it would also be the color of your dream mug.


  • kim at allconsuming

    Estelle – I love that logic but five years ago there was no indication Toast would carry them for an extended period of time.

    And regardless, $75 for a mug! A MUG!

    And Elizabeth, no that was never my intention, I'm using Posterous to post things that take my fancy, nothing more, nothing less.

    Linda – I know I know, the lip, must have a thin lip but dude, life's short. Look at it, it's so… so, organic.