If the house is rockin’

And Chef has the kick back in his step.
What can I say, the humidity of Armpit of a Month February impacts on more than the number of showers required and the amount of sweating endured.

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  • Anonymous

    I have absolutely NO IDEA what happened wiht the feed and I lost a lot of posts. Just read them and girl, I need a stiff drink. From the ticks to the humidty through the taming of Turdinator (YAY)…It's only 12:36PM and I feel like I need alcohol!
    Oh, LOVE your fridge.

  • sooz

    I am speechless.

  • kim at allconsuming

    Paola – I thought you'd been quiet! The feed thing was my fault – something I did when trying to make my Google Ads work.

    Oh and Sooz – hehehe

    And I'm really annoyed my Posterous feeds don't fit the window – I read everything in Google Reader so I'm hoping everyone else does too and it doesn't look so pedestrian.