The power of the ocean

So three days ago I snuck out of the house and walked down the beach to the flags and went for a swim out beyond the breakers. I have not done this in at least four years and really, maybe only twice since having children. Dudes, that’s twice in 11 years.

I don’t know, for about six months I have had this total compunction to swim in the ocean and well, that is just not my style. But people, I am here to say that three days ago, that swim restored my spirit more than you can possibly imagine.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we are still totally skint but that panic, that fear, that stress about it has subsided.

The water was crystal clear and the most perfect temperature – enough to make you inhale on first touch but that was it, then it was just straight out. And there I floated, duck dived, swam and laughed out loud at my childlike joy of being where I was.

I then hot-footed it home and hussled all the surly complaining lard arses out of the house and dragged them over to the beach to.

And there we have been every day since. Twice today. Felix has discovered the joy that is hanging out beyond the breakers. Jasper has discovered the joy of a boogy board and has absolutely no fear. Grover is in that land of chasing the waves and wanting more but then hating it when he’s in it. And Oscar, well, Chef and I had to drag him in on that first swim and man was he dirty about it. Then yesterday and today? That kid was It was just stunning to watch.

So nothing has changed and everything has changed. Your kind words and support have done so much to bolster my spirit so between the blogosphere and the ocean I feel like a new woman.