– I didn’t go for a walk
– I did get the boys to school on time
– Making lunches after six weeks of not making lunches is really hard
– Standing at a kitchen bench staring at lunch boxes does not magically fill lunch boxes
– We essentially moved house except didn’t
– There were bookshelves relocated which meant piles and piles of books being relocated
– I cleaned a wall
– It was surprisingly filthy and now I look at it and think, wow, that wall looks amazing
– After moving everything around the back room is now in exactly the same layout as it was before
– I asked Chef to do three things, one of them was really really important while the other two were necessary
– He didn’t do any of them
– I was steaming about it for pretty much the entire day
– I had my haircut this morning for the wedding next weekend
The wedding features two of my lovely friends and I am so excited – for them and for the chance to get frocked up and all that goes with a celebratory affair
– I had to mop the bathroom floor because it smelled like a public men’s toilet
– No really, it did
– I gagged when I went to the loo such was the stench
– It appears the Turdinator (aka Grover) likes peeing on the bathroom floor now, as well as under the dining room table, on the back verandah, on the back tiling, up the side path, on the front porch
– The new fridge arrived
– A large box arrived from my friend K
– In that large box was a gift to lift my spirits in the difficult months ahead
– That box contained a 28cm apple green Chasseur French oven
– Oh yes there was
– I cried at being so blessed to have such a friendship in my life
– I felt honoured to receive a gift of such generosity
– The new fridge arrived
– It is very pretty
– It does not fit in our kitchen, the size fridge we needed never was going to fit in our kitchen so it is living across from our kitchen, which works quite well except as it is rather large so I have become quite partial to thinking of it as a modernist art installation that keeps on giving
– I had a quiet chat with it during the hours before I was allowed to turn it on that while it was very pretty it better get over any notion of relying on its good looks toot sweet and that it would be expected to pull its weight around here for the next ten, ideally twenty years.
– I have workshopped my emotions regarding this fridge. This fridge that has maxed out our credit card and will swallow any form of financial return we get from our taxes this year.
– I mean, how freaking exciting to get a brand spanking new appliance – an appliance whereby the fridge side alone is ONE HUNDRED LITRES bigger than the entire fridge we’ve had for the last 15 years. An appliance where I could easily fit a small human body in the freezer side. I mean, not that I’ve tried.
– Put the girls, Matilda and Harriet (the guinea pigs) outside for some rays and grass grazing
– Caught Matilda after Jasper accidentally let her out while he was trying to catch Harriet – he calmly came inside and told me that she had got away and there she was, plotting her latest escape in the garden
– I bought the boys new school and PE shirts because apparently they both grew TWO sizes over the summer break
– The price of school shirts is FUCKING HIGHWAY ROBBERY
– I called in to the supermarket to pick up some treats for Friday afternoon tea, coriander for dinner, cherries because OH MY GOODNESS how good are cherries at the moment and breakfast cereal
– Picked up the boys from school
– I made my ginger sesame rice with chicken for dinner
– It’s Day 3 and MY GOD have I been one narky old hag
– Cleaned the girls’ cage and then watched them burrow and run and squeak in delight with their new hay
– It is pathetic how enarmoured I am with the girls. I adore them. Best pets ever. AND they’re still alive. Talk about a win win.
– I watched Blackadder with Felix and got as much delight from witnessing Felix’s first exposure to Blackadder as I did from watching it.
– I watched Ghost Ship and realised right near the end that I had indeed seen it before and that it really wasn’t a movie worth of a second viewing.
– Watched the beginning of Rage and the first song off the rank tonight was the following tune from Mumford & Sons. I realise it is so naff to love Mumford & Sons at the moment because everyone loves Mumford & Sons, but luff them I do: