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So Mum is currently on quite high doses of steroids to deal with her diagnosis of collitis. The side-effects of this (as told to her by the gastroenterologist) are sleeplessness, a huge appetite and more energy than you know what to do with.
People, my mother is one of those people who never sits still as it is but DUDES, this is ridiculous. In the last week she has stripped layers of paint of a table and repainted it.
They’re going to scale the drugs back due to the hip replacement surgery, which has been pushed back by a month to the beginning of March so she is all, ‘RIGHTEO we have to capitalise on this energy. The boys really need new beds and I have to get the house repainted. I’ve also found this wallpaper which I want in my bedroom.’
Somehow expending energy equates to spending money, which is kind of ironic considering two weeks ago she was all ‘the sky is falling I have no idea how we’re going to survive’ which did nothing for my already well-established state of FREAK OUT.
So get this. On saying the boys (the bigger boys) needed new beds (because Oscar was going to need a good bed when he has his surgery later in the year) I pointed her in the direction of a company’s website featuring beds I’d been looking at for the last five years.
She sent me and Chef and the little boys off there today with an envelope stashed full of cash to the wilds of the west to purchase said beds.
She’s a good (and outrageously generous) woman that mother of mine. Even if she does do my head in on a more than regular basis.


Chef’s restaurant was reviewed in the Sun-Herald yesterday and scored a 9/10. Granted the review happened before he’d started and listed the owner as the Chef but hey, I reckon it just means if they went now they’d receive a perfect score.

Funny story – the US CEO of a major 5-star hotel chain came in for dinner the other night. They knew this as his PA told them so when making the booking. I think they thought they were booking at another Italian restaurant in the same area which recently opened and is owned by a guy who used to be head chef at the signature restaurant at the chain’s Sydney establishment. Funny.


Going out into the surf:
Felix to me: C’mon Lisa
Me: What?
Felix: Isn’t that the name the parents who ditched you had given you?
Me (laughing): OH FELIX
Felix: Well, isn’t that what happened?
Me: There are some people, Felix, who would not really appreciate using the word ‘ditched’ when talking about the adoption process.

Jasper to me: Mum, I have an itchy bottom.
Me: Have you!?
Jasper: Yeah, there’s mozzies in there

Jasper to me: Mum, have you got any of that medicine to kills the bugs in my bum

Days later:
I finally remember to buy combantrin.


Chef’s dad is quite a modest man so whenever there is a swim happening at their place he will discreetly get out before everyone else to get dressed in peace. Jasper caught him out the other week as he wanted to get dressed with Grandpa. You can see where this is heading can’t you. “My Dad has a much bigger doodle than you Grandpa”. I’m so grateful that I will have to take his word for this. For life.


The two bigger boys have gone to my Dad & stepmother’s for a few days. Talk about weird. I never get used to having the numbers dramatically reduced in this house – at first I wondered if I could get away with feeding the little fellas tinned spaghetti for the next four nights (seeing as they have recently discovered it and now like it) but instead today they did potatoes.



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