This one time on Craft Camp…

I need to tell you all about craft camp.

About going on a plane, getting picked up by Janet, almost having a car accident (so not our fault).
Meeting everyone for the first time.
Getting to hug Sooz after having spent weeks chatting with her on skype, twitter, email and the phone (the phone!) about fabric and patterns and body shape and life and no you have up first, no you hang up, no you, ok on three. 
About going to bed when I wanted to and waking up when I woke up not because someone woke me up, or someone wanted breakfast, or someone had wet the bed, or someone wanted a bottle and OH MY GOD I just want the weekend again just for a night of unbroken sleep and waking up when I want to. 
About how awesomely good it was just to sit around with a bunch of women talking, laughing, sewing.

But then I don’t want to. 

As if talking about it will somehow dilute the experience. Or something. 

It was fantastic.

I finished the rest of the blocks for Jasper’s quilt.

I started making a shirtdress. I’ve done the placket (yeah, I’ll wait while you go look that up), the collar, the darts and only need to make the sleeves and attach them. 

Compared to the industry of others this output was positively pathetic.

On my return the boys were all standing waiting for me, looking all anticipatory. And then, they saw me and ran toward me, almost bowling me over. OH MAN, boysmell has never been so good. 

And so life goes on.