This Saturday

will see a family reunion for my Mum’s family.

There will be:
My mum and her five brothers and sisters
Two of their husband/wives (two divorces, two not coming due to ill health/age)
Me and my thirteen cousins
Nine of their partners (some still single, mine working breakfast,lunch, dinner at a paid job)
My four and the other nine grandchildren – aged from 11 years to 10 months

That makes FORTY FOUR people.

I’m catering for the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing for  a martydom, I’m doing it because I am a control freak and I absolutely detest large gatherings where everyone ‘brings a plate’ and so you end up with some weird multi-cultural hodgepodge of dishes. It’s been fun working out the menu due to the plethora of eating issues and allergies and so on.

But I must confess, when Mum said she wanted to do it neither of us ever thought everyone would come. Ever.

Family are gathering from Wollongong, Bathurst, Melbourne and Sydney. I mean, people are travelling, with small children, from Melbourne. If my Aunt in Melbourne was hosting this I’m not sure I could say we would have been going so I truly appreciate their efforts to come.

It’s the first time the entire family would have been together since my Nan died five years ago.

Isn’t that something!

The menu:
Dips and turkish bread (from the awesome Lebanese place in Frenchs Forest – of all places!)
Cheese plate w/ lavosh
Antipasto of vegetarian options

Baked ham
Spinach, pine nut, roasted pumpkin and feta salad
Five bean salad with lemon and poppy seed dressing
Asparagus and ricotta tart*
Leek and goats cheese tart*

Fruit Cake (the next day is my Aunt’s 70th and my Mum also retired this year… after 45 years teaching.)

Lemon shortbread

(* with a gluten free pastry a la Maggie Beer)

So I’m off like a bride’s nightie to start baking and to perhaps try and clean this house up a bit.