This Saturday

will see a family reunion for my Mum’s family.

There will be:
My mum and her five brothers and sisters
Two of their husband/wives (two divorces, two not coming due to ill health/age)
Me and my thirteen cousins
Nine of their partners (some still single, mine working breakfast,lunch, dinner at a paid job)
My four and the other nine grandchildren – aged from 11 years to 10 months

That makes FORTY FOUR people.

I’m catering for the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing for  a martydom, I’m doing it because I am a control freak and I absolutely detest large gatherings where everyone ‘brings a plate’ and so you end up with some weird multi-cultural hodgepodge of dishes. It’s been fun working out the menu due to the plethora of eating issues and allergies and so on.

But I must confess, when Mum said she wanted to do it neither of us ever thought everyone would come. Ever.

Family are gathering from Wollongong, Bathurst, Melbourne and Sydney. I mean, people are travelling, with small children, from Melbourne. If my Aunt in Melbourne was hosting this I’m not sure I could say we would have been going so I truly appreciate their efforts to come.

It’s the first time the entire family would have been together since my Nan died five years ago.

Isn’t that something!

The menu:
Dips and turkish bread (from the awesome Lebanese place in Frenchs Forest – of all places!)
Cheese plate w/ lavosh
Antipasto of vegetarian options

Baked ham
Spinach, pine nut, roasted pumpkin and feta salad
Five bean salad with lemon and poppy seed dressing
Asparagus and ricotta tart*
Leek and goats cheese tart*

Fruit Cake (the next day is my Aunt’s 70th and my Mum also retired this year… after 45 years teaching.)

Lemon shortbread

(* with a gluten free pastry a la Maggie Beer)

So I’m off like a bride’s nightie to start baking and to perhaps try and clean this house up a bit.

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  • Fe

    Oh My God.

    My hat is off to you, my friend.

    The menu sounds awesome… i just can't imagine pulling ANYTHING together for 44 people!

    Can't wait to hear how it goes.


  • peppermintpatcher

    Spinach, pinenut, roasted pumpkin and feta salad is my most favourite salad. That PLUS baked ham! Oh my goodness. Brilliant!

    How long do you expect all of that x44 to take you?

  • Leah

    oh. my. god. sounds. amazing.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless YOU!


  • Badger

    Dang, and here I am freaking out about hosting (cooking) Christmas for DH's family and there will only be half as many people there as you will be dealing with this weekend. Plus it's TWO MONTHS AWAY.

    But then you deal with twice as many kids as I do on a daily basis, so clearly you are on a whole different level already, yo.

  • saffronlie

    That sounds stressful, but also INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. My mother's side of our family is similarly large, and I love our giant get-togethers. Have a great time!!

  • no blog norma

    far out, how are you going to do all that, sounds yumptious, can i come too, ? i mean one more isnt going to make any diference 🙂

  • Mary

    Hopefully as I write this you are sitting back with a cold wine and a bex!


  • no blog norma

    sooo!!! pooped or what ? photos please, recipes please