Totally stolen from Suse, but I have noticed there is absolutely no correlation between the number of hits I get a day and the number of comments received. So all you lurkers, de-lurk and ask me something. Anything. And I shall answer to the best of my ability.

Please note: if I only get like, five questions, then I may retire to the drawing room with the revolver.

No pressure.

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  • Duyvken

    How are you planning celebrating the kids returning to school next week?

  • Fe

    When are you going to start your next quilt?


  • Anonymous

    When are you happiest?


  • kurrabikid

    Two questions: what's for tea? And if $ were no object (ie you can pick any ingredient from anywhere) what would you make?

  • fifi

    I am so relieved you burnt the marmalade yesterday. Sometimes I feel the need to buy a revolver what with all my endless cooking failures and attendant criticism.

    Please, to make me feel better about myself, what is your worst culinary disaster?

  • peskypixies

    fave food to cook??

    tea or coffee??

    day or night??

    summer or winter?

    sweet or sour??

  • fifi

    actually, do you want me to ask lots of questions? oh I know.

    How do you make that fancy icing like on a wedding cake, can you buy it in a shop and assemble it on the cake and justify your very existence by impressing people???

  • kim at allconsuming

    OH aren't you GOOD! Keep 'em coming!

  • dancingmorganmouse

    were you a chef in a former life?

  • peskypixies

    fave thing to do??

    fave movie??

    fave drink??

    fave snack??

    best memory from childhood??

  • Janet

    how did you get the stitching so good on your quilt? was there swearing involved – or did it just flow?

  • Anonymous

    how many remote controls on the coffee table and do you know how to operate them all?

    action or procrastination?

    Karl or Kochy?

    dessert island read?

    dessert island food?

    if you are not writing a book – why not?


  • Anonymous

    Did you always know you wanted many kids?

    Were you always this GREAT at cooking?

    And parenting?

    What's your favourite car?

    Can you drive a motorcycle?



  • fifi

    If you were a drag queen, what would your character be named, and what would be your signature song to bump and grind to?

  • Duyvken

    I just read (somewhere on your food blog) that you make gratin dauphinois and now I've got cravings. I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow night! So, my question is, what's the recipe?

  • Suse

    So you steal my blogpost idea, but don't ask me a question?

    And get Fifi to come here and ask a PLETHORA of questions?


  • kim at allconsuming

    Suse – yeabutyeahbutyeahbut no.

    I only saw it after you'd answered the questions! I didn't know I could still ask! Really.

    And FiFi loves me. What can I say.

  • blackbird

    How tall are you?
    And what size shoe do you wear?
    And Wellies or Blunnies?

  • norma

    if money flowed very freely to you what would you change in your life ?

  • sooz

    If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

    If you could choose any job in the world, what job would you have (feeling free of course to alter any other life details to accommodate)?

    Why did you start blogging?

    What would it take to get you knitting?

  • Elizabeth Brooks

    Oh I love it when I can de lurk without looking like a tool…
    So do you ever get worried about having a public blog? Do you get tempted to over share (about people who annoy you for instance) and then regret it.
    This is why I do not have a blog… I'd be both paranoid and hopeless.

  • Kill

    I do not blog as i say enough idiotic things – the only blessing is that they are not immortalised in print…..
    Do you think you will ever move to the country?
    Do you realise just how much you would NOT regret it if you did?