School Holidays – when everyone else is away so noone hears you scream

Oh dudes, the last week has been kicking my arse from here to kingdom come. Seriously.You’re going to have to excuse me while I just bitch about my kids.

Oscar – the.most.specTACular meltdown today because Grover turned off some basketball game on the xbox and put in a Thomas the Effing Engine DVD instead. It went for over 20 minutes and if you haven’t already seen this YouTube treat then take a peak and you’re getting somewhat close to what Oscar delivered to us today. On a platter. With garnish!

Felix – oscillating between being just lovely and the biggest boil on the butt of humanity. With bad hair.

Jasper –

Grover – sitting somewhere between the fall guy for Jasper, Jasper’s right hand man and the most fiercely independent two year old to ever walk the planet. Oh, and adorable. But this week has seen the start of me putting him in his room for ‘some quiet time’. Which is funny because when I’m putting him in there the screaming can be heard in space.

Things have been broken, painted, drawn on, WRECKED.

And it’s making me sigh. A LOT.

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  • Anonymous


    … and alcohol …


  • blackbird

    I have a headache just from READING this.

    Listen to Paola.

  • kim at allconsuming

    You should feel the headache I have today. Two panadeine have not cut it. I'm about to embark on Nurofen Plus. And it's not even related to particular Days.

    I had a glass of champagne last night (our neighbours came in when we had cake for Mum) and I'm suspecting it has contributed to the headache rather than relieving it.

    And I just spelt relieving releaving.


  • peskypixies

    mmmmmm school holidays…..
    I often have these lovely vague notions that school holidays will be lovely……sleeping in…..baking,spending quality time with the kids…

    it NEVER turns out that way…

    massive hugs………I always go straight for the nurofen +,I actually sent DH out for the script kind today…

    more hugs

  • Eleanor

    You will survive this and look back at these times and laugh…but that will be in at least a decade. My school holiday scars are still an angry red colour, and that's with only two kids.

    Nurofen Plus can be addictive, I know, believe me, I know.

    P.S. And you're still bloody awesome!