From the mouths of babes

Scene: As I’m standing at the dining room table contemplating my latest arrangement of squares for my very first quilt.

Felix: Is this going to be like you and baking bread?

Me: What do you mean?

Felix: Like, you know, how you get really into it and do it every day and then just stop?

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  • Uli

    Ha! Classic.

  • Aussie-waffler

    It's our right as adults to just…stop, whenever we feel the need, non ?

  • blackbird

    Evil child.
    (And I say that with a tone in my voice that I am sure you can appreciate.)

  • Badger

    Two words: SOLAR OVEN.

  • Lady Bug Cat

    Absolute classic. Sounds like some thing my husband would say, and probably has said before (but I have chosen to forget it)