This morning we awoke to this

Duststorm in Sydney? Are there people who still don’t believe in global warming? Really? IDIOTS.

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  • dancingmorganmouse

    The redness of your photos (as opposed to orangeness) indicates you were up before the sparrows fart – I'm impressed.

  • peskypixies

    yup yup yup….wierd eh??
    we have gale force winds and rain to go with it.

  • Cathy

    ours wasn't quite that bad…but still freakish! great photos!!

  • Anonymous

    Uh? WHAT?

    On a totally different subject: when I read a new post I still can never see the comment button, BUT if I go where it is supposed to be and click it, the comment box opens up.
    WEIRD. But it works, YES.

  • Anonymous

    Your duststorm just passed on national news HERE!

  • Aussie-waffler

    That is soooo eerie. Here's your cupcake.

  • Uli

    Amazing photos.

    I can't believe how red it was, not to mention that it kept moving from Sydney and wound up looking the same in Qld in the afternoon.

    As you say, how does anyone deny global warming?

  • ssheers

    Your dust storm is in the news here on the other side of the world.

  • Badger

    Those photos are amazing, but I am really only commenting because the word verification that popped up was "depreski". And I am never one to let a good word verification go to waste, yo. ("I once spent a winter in Minsk. It was very depreski.")

  • Kirsty

    These shots are amazing.

    I clearly remember the dust storm in Melbourne in 1983. It was exactly like this & we watched it roll across our school from our Grade 5 class room.

  • M

    It was odd wiping red oxide off my black work shoes this morning. And I really wish I hadn't spent $40 having my car washed at the airport while I was in BrisVegas on Monday. I thought I was being oh so canny and multi-tasky.

  • •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´•

    yes it was incredibly eerie and so unlike anything I've ever seen.
    Great images you got.

  • Christie Burnett

    Great photos, it looks like something movie producers would dream up! Must have felt so bizarre.

    Hope the clean up was relatively painless.


  • Kill

    It was more related to the big wind you know – the middle parts of this country are very prone to producing dust like this, and always have been – it just doesn't usually make it so far. Global warming my arse – this is the sunburnt country!!