Eye on the job, dick in the pants: a basic recipe for success.

I learnt some time ago not to talk politics over here, primarily because I hate conflict and I don’t want to piss off any conservative readers that may accidentally come my way.

For those not interested in matters of State or not in Australia and for which the following may sound like same dog different lawn, I apologise. Look away and normal programming will return shortly.

Last night I heard that John Della Bosca, a senior minister in the useless as tits on a bull broken tired NSW Government was being exposed as having an affair.

By this morning he had resigned.

Curiously, recent leadership speculation within NSW Labor had Della Bosca as the front runner to replace our deer in headlights  doomed from the outset never going to get an unencumbered run whipping post current Premier Nathan Rees.

The woman involved in the scandal spilt all the gory details to The Daily Telegraph but every major media outlet was having a gnaw on the carcass quicker than a hoard of hungry Greeks could attack a pig on a spit. (Apologies to any readers of Greek heritage.)

But what of all this? Another sex scandal involving a government minister? That is certainly nothing new.

But here we have a Government in the most ugly of death throes. A Government who has been given a second change one hundred times over. A pride of politicians given a pretty straightforward job description and entrusted by the people to do that job each and every day.

NSW Labor has always been a bear pit of factional infighting. Always. But with a strong leader at the helm those factions sign an uneasy truce filled with much pacing, glaring and reluctance. Once that leader is gone, well, here we are.

Della Bosca was always a front runner for the leadership – surely I’m not the only one to have thought so? And yet at a time the leadership was so tenuous for Rees (and don’t tell me it was less tenuous six months ago) Della couldn’t keep his dick in his pants? Really? And if that was just to hard (sorry) he couldn’t have shown a little bit more discretion?

Hell, those couches in Parliament House sure to earn their keep don’t they?

Instead, we have a government quite happy to act like it is in opposition, filling its days with factional in-fighting, back-stabbing and dirty tricks. Instead of fixing our public transport woes, traffic congestion, decline in regional investment, ensuring we have world best practice public education and health systems we have a group of individuals wrestling around in mud for the inglorious prize of power. Over what? Another group of individuals more conservative or more left than themselves?

John Della Bosca was a remarkable senior government minister. Whatever portfolio he was responsible for he ensured all wheels were firmly on the cart and all extremities firmly within the vehicle. He understood the responsibility of being a politician and got the job done.

And now, at a time when he may well have been set to run our state – and been about the only one capable to to pull it out of the quagmire his predecessors have driven it into – he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.


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  • fifi

    oh GOD help us.

    They are a woeful bunch, truly. Poor old deer in the headlights will probably just dig that metro tunnel harder and faster now…….aw, crap.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a huge fan of you Ms All Consuming. You are my favorite read in the Blogosphere. I've only ever de-lurked once before on your blog (to wish you happy birthday). I whole heartedly agree with your political commentary. How Joe Tripodi survives scandal after scandal never ceases to amaze me. We are so up the shit in this state it's frightening. The worst part is, there doesn't seem to be a remote ray of light at the end of any of our (pay-through-your-arse-to-use-it)tunnels.

  • kurrabikid

    What a great post, Kim! You've broken the news to me (too wrapped up in impending events over here), so I'm about to go read all about it…

  • sooz

    Yeah, fucking unbelievable eh? Useless freakin turds. The worst of it is knowing they are all as bad as each other, the only difference being that your scandals get outed if you piss the wrong people off. I mean, everyone has something to hide, it's really just a matter of having enough friends to help you keep the secret.

  • vonetal

    Can't comment because I am embarrassing ignorant (and probably one of your 'accidental' conservative readers). It is kinda funny that I ended up at this post, though, because I was wondering what happened on Idol this weekend and thought, "That girl, Kim, will probably have posted about it!" Well…now I'm just embarrassed that I was hunting such low-brow information! This girl is all about politics and cool music…

  • kim at allconsuming

    Anonymous – I love you.

    Kurrabi – are you STILL pregnant. JESUS.

    Sooz – exactly. Wondering just what was in it for the woman to spill the story. A WHOLE lotta $$$ I suspect. And not from a media outlet.

    Vonetal – oh how I love you! I haven't started blogging about Idol yet because I'm doing this dumb parenting caper of having the tele off at nights now. So instead of being able to be saturated in wannabe stars I'm staring at my lounge room being trashed and being constantly surprised at just how freaking noisy my offspring are. Please come back. I promise the cool music is just a facade.

    But get this guys – I got an email from a radio dude wanting to interview me for a piece about what the people think about the whole affair. HUZZAH!

    Except, I was outside PAINTING a freakin' Ikea stool at the time so didn't get back to him in time. SEE. This is WHY I never engage in craft-orientated projects. Stool looks good though.

  • blackbird

    I don't remember being this erudite when I was home with my children.

  • Kill

    The funniest thing is, apart from a completely illogical and just plain scary 'thing' for Kim Beasley; all you ever do is wig-out at your own people. It's a conservatives picnic. No offence taken. And anyway , we like to be offended – it gives us a chance to say "oh my poor dear ignorant friend…..let me explain!!"
    And – nice stool by the way. Is that jasper doing the washing up !!??