You see, this is why I never did drugs

HOOOOO BOY am I bored bored BORED with the whole getting your meds right.

For those in need of a refresher course here goes:
– After the meltdown last year and 2-3 months of this dose and that I was on a blissful blend of Zoloft and Epilum. Also nifty if my fucked head decided now would be a could time to see if epilepsy was worth a shot.
– This was going along tickety boo until the beginning of this year when I decided to do something aobut the 20+ kgs I’m carrying.
– Cue energetic exercise program for the insane.
– Fast forward 3-4 months to the cold hard disappointing depression-inducing realisation that all this output had produced nothing except a fairly constant state of being damp.
– Throw in some rather stressful situations involving other family member’s health, financial woes and personal health issues and voila! The drugs don’t work baby!
– Adjust doses of drug regime up and down with either zero or infact negative impact.
So here we are.
– Now we’ve ditched the Zoloft and introduced Efexor. Apparently this drug has a success rate in treating those with chronic and significant depression somewhere in the vicinity of 94 per cent. I mean, that is pretty good hey.
– But for 5 per cent of those who take it, this wonder drug of depression can cause somnolence. Somnolence = sleepy, very, very snnnzzzzzzzzzz huh? wha? oh yeah, what was I saying? People, I was needing a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then back in bed by 10 and sleeping until 7am and then dragging myself around like neanderthal knuckle lady because so very very sleepyyyyyzzzzzzzz huh? wha?
– To try and resolve this risk o f me falling asleep driving along the Wakehurst Parkway or on the five minute drive to school we changed my drug regime to taking it at night, which may well have worked except for still being very veryyyyzzzzzzzz huh? what? Add to that the fact Epilum has a mild sedative effect I was feeling like I was sleeping in cement, which is a weird experience of being asleep but also mildly panicked that you may never wake up. Oh, and the return of night sweats, which are just so therapeutic.
– Cue Plan B – now I’m taking the drug Pristiq – which is made by the same company who makes Efexor but now the patent has expired on Efexor so the company can’t make huge profits money off it anymore so have developed a more refined/pure version. The reason I wasn’t on it in the first place was because compared to Efexor’s 94 per cent effectiveness Pristiq is coming in only at 86. Or some such.
– So this is Day 2 of Plan B and I have a stonker of a headache but think that has more to do with it being Day Three than the new drug.
– It could also have something to do with the 2 hour appointment with our new paediatrician for Oscar who is also a geneticist. But that’s another post entirely.
The flip side to all this is that while tinkering with meds is a pain in the arse/head the alternative of not being on meds at all is just not an option. So just bear with me while I whinge a while – regular programming will return shortly. Well, hopefully sooner rather than later.