Random points of order

Jasper excitedly: We’ve been adding buckets of water to the sand and then tipping it out in the dirt and now we have poo pies!

Today was Felix’s soccer gala day. For those of you blessedly naive of such things, this is when you lose a whole day of your life you will never get back to watch your kid play innumerable 20 minute soccer matches while you pretend to care.

Today Oscar went to my inlaws so I was very grateful to the universe that I did not have him leaning on me asking ‘what now’ every 30 seconds.

Mum was going to keep one if not both of the little boys at home, but then realised she had her hairdressing appointment. Why she couldn’t take a 3 and 2 year old to a two-hour hair appointment is beyond me but there you go. (That was a joke. No really, it was.)

So it was me, Felix, Jasper and Grover from 9am to 3.30pm. With four matches and about one hour or so to fill in between each match. Yep, suburban soccer, the EPITOMY of USELESS ORGANISERS ORGANISING THINGS. It’s like AA for the Hover-Parent.

I armed us with enough food for about a weeks camping in the wilderness and a stash of Thomas the Effing Engine trains and matchbox cars.

After eating about 10 doughnuts each the little fellas were actually pretty darn good. AND it was really nice to catch up with some of the other mums. WHO KNEW!

AND – just to make things even better, we had to leave early as Felix has drama on Saturday afternoons and as they have a play coming up I didn’t want him to miss it. SCORE.

So I’m home now with the small folk and Mum has gone to pick up Felix for me.


Tonight is Chef’s first Saturday night at his new digs – they’re booked out so it should be good fun. He said breakfast was busy this morning for them, but not a patch on the place he was working out. I texted him with a message saying it won’t be long until he has it jumping like the old place and he agreed. Isn’t it lovely seeing your partner excited and challenged and stimulated in their job?

I can not tell you just how FREAKIN’ awesome my family has been since I had the gall bladder out. Chef’s mum made us so much food I actually forgot about some of it and (sigh of sighs) had to ditch it. She also took both Jasper and Grover this week on Thursday AND Friday and had Oscar for a day last weekend AND today. Mum has managed to get the back of our house (where we do all our living) and our bedroom into a state of proper cleanliness. As in, there’s nothing on the kitchen bench. There’s nothing on the floor in our bedroom. It is so liberating. She’s also been totally in charge of all my washing and while I occasionally try and pull on a pair of the boys’ undies, it doesn’t matter one jot because having someone sort and put.your.washing.away.? PRICELESS.

I love my family dudes. They are awesome.

I am seriously about to embark on some craft activities. I KNOW. I have this plan in my head to make mobiles out of images in all the Gourmet Traveller and Vogue Entertaining magazines I have, and maybe some which I’ve cut into the shape of cooking implements. I’m making mental shopping lists including things like jewelry wire, cutters, some sort of laminating/laquer sprays and linen threads. I KNOW. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE, next thing I’ll be knitting and uploading my patterns for you all. What? Too far?

Having Chef back working nights has been immensely challenging. I realise just how ‘lazy’ I had become having him at home at nights. I have to find that orgnanisation I had when he was working nights – where dinner is pretty much made if not prepped before picking the big boys up from school, baths happen at 5, the tele is not.on.at.all. and so on and so forth. I’m getting there but man, I was beaten by the HOW MANY FUCKING CHILDREN ARE IN THIS HOUSE stick this past week I must say.

We’re growing broadbeans – I adore broadbeans and the thought of being able to cook them fresh from the garden makes me giddy with delight!