Well that was the fastest two years of my life

Do you guys remember this?

Which, somewhat terrifyingly, was taken a whole month before this:
Which happened in the wee hours of Monday morning (3am on the dot) on 2 July 2007.
Our Super Grover turned 2 last Thursday. Forgive this post being a few days late but I’m still trying to get my head around the fact he’s here at all.
Seriously, half the time it feels like I just had Jasper so how the hell I had another pregnancy and produced another sprogget is simply beyond me.
I often think about delivering this little chap. That’s probably a bit weird isnt’ it. But it was the first (and yes, it will be the only) labour and delivery which went how I wanted them all to go. All of my labours, bar that of Oscar which was a complete dogs breakfast, had my waters break (granted, with Felix they did that for me) and then little niggles for three hours and then bang, game on and all over in 45 minutes with actual delivery only ever taking about 7 to 10 minutes. Granted I’m guessing that would have happened with Felix as I got to two hours after breaking my waters and they stuck the drip in, but still, he was in the world in 45 minutes too and we all know how I like order in my world.
But with Grover I had my favourite midwife who had known us since the harrowing pregnancy that was Oscar’s. So connected were we she came in even though it was her rostered day off. Such a quiet force of a woman she was always present but not on centre stage. Just off to the left, watching me, responding when I said something.
This is a true midwife, a woman so experienced she just lets women do what their bodies need them to do.
When I said to her that I needed to push but wasn’t sure if I really did or if I just wanted it over she quietly told me to just go with my body. I was standing for the entire labour, standing for the delivery and absolutely starkers for the lot of it.
I used a TENS machine for pain management and wished I had for each of them. The adrenalin and euphoria of a delivery with no drugs is breath-taking in its wonderment. Felix was there and not the least bit freaked out. He cut the umbilical cord of his youngest brother.
I have no idea why I’m telling you all this. I guess because in a way I miss I won’t go through that again. Granted, I have no desire for the lazy uterus afterwards that required a gyno to stick her entire hand up my fanny and scrape out massive blood clots but still, I miss the fact I will never give birth again. There you go.
But were was I.
My monkey boy.
The one who gets into everything.
Like finding a skewer and sticking it in the USB drive on my laptop causing a power surge from ‘unknown source’.
Who adores textas and will draw on himself, the walls, the cupboards, the speakers, the floor, the anything when they are found.
The one who is so self-assured, so confident, so L.O.U.D.
But who loves nothing more than a snuggle on the lounge.
The first child of mine to watch children’s television and do the actions.
The one whose mere appearance threw this family into a tailspin of lawsey mercy four really is a lot of children.
But who cracks us all up at least once a day.
The one who Felix referred to the other day with ‘imagine if Grover hadn’t been born’ and when I replied that I’d still be working prompted the response, ‘well thank goodness Grover was born’.
Who says ‘I don’t know’ with the sweetest intonation known to man, or who calls out hello to Grandmama every time he walks through the front door, who must go out the front to wave goodbye to whoever has visited us, who says ‘dub’ for yes and ‘nooooooh’ for no. Who lies face down on the floor ‘hiding’ when it’s time to go to bed/change a nappy/get dressed. Who insists on inspecting the nappy after he’s done a poo. Who called a poo ‘wee-wee’ for months and months as if that somehow made it less gross.
Who stands up for himself to other kids regardless of their age or size.
Who is a force to be reckoned with.
Who, as if he knew I would start sticking sharp sticks in my eyes and ears with another child totally obsessed with Thomas the Effing Engine, has been the first to be truly obsessed by cars, buses, trucks and most of all, eeeor eeeors. Also known as ambulances and fire engines. Bless him.
But enough. Pictures say so much more don’t you think?

And from his birthday last week