Points of interest – UPDATED!

Point 1

I think I’ve found a designer to make a dress for me for the tres chic wedding I have coming up in February. A wedding! How excitement. A dress, made just for me! How excitement twice over.

For those curious as to what pushes my buttons in terms of ‘look’ this is what makes my heart race at the moment. These are all by Trelise Cooper, a New Zealand designer whose pieces, from what I can gather, start at around $700 for half a sleeve.

But look at this, how kicky. How utterly ridiculous to have a coat for a February wedding.
Colour explosion! Believe it or not, but I could probably pull these colours off, though not the stance or the trout pout. But again, layers. In February. Stupid.

This, however, makes me fall down faint due to it’s all round floaty girly loveliness.
This designer I’m talking has suggested a tailored coat type dress with a sleeve (there is a wicked bingo wing issue over here people, seriously, they could take out an eye if I get too excited in coversation and start flapping wildly) and a collar detail. I’m intrigued and encouraged. I had visions of ending up wearing some hideous Osti like number and feeling like I should be sitting at the table with the grandparents.
Point 2
Felix seems to have decided that teenage-like behaviours such as finding everything ‘boring’, ‘gay’, ‘dumb’ or otherwise of such onerous nature he might well as fall down on the floor in a slump are worth investing in so it’s been a challenge of late to try and get him excited about anything.
Perhaps this is just a boy thing. Perhaps it’s just an inherited trait from his father (food, technology, US baseball, Nascar, AFL, cricket) and Uncle (planes, cricket) and Grandfather (golf, AFL) who have passions but display them with such non-ness you could miss them all together. Who knows. But it shits me to tears. I mean come on, show some GODDAMN ENTHUSIASM.
Sorry, where was I?
Oh yes, Felix. So it was quite a tickle to watch him over the last few days get very excited about a rugby league (hugh-pah) gala day he was a part of today. First was being selected for the team in the first place. A boon considering he’s never played thugby before. Then there was trying on the jersey and socks earlier this week when they came home (we’ve got to take them back on Monday Mum, but they have to be washed. Oh thank you for clarifying that for me son.). Then the trip to the chemist to get a new mouthguard (because goodness knows where his one from last year has ended up) and then the getting ready this morning.
There was much talk about one of the other teams and about how easy it was to beat them (oh boys, what they lack in public displays of enthusiasm they make up for tenfold in ego). How he likes playing wing because he gets the ball a lot and can score tries. This, is what it is all about for Felix, forget the being a part of a team, it is all about the singular glory of scoring goals/tries/points. That’s ma boy.
Because the principal of the boys’ school is a legend, he had noticed Oscar’s new obsession last term of a touch footy ball and kicking tee, so he had suggested late last term that perhaps Oscar go along as the tee-man for the school.
So as a chorus to Felix’s excitement was Oscar’s. That he had to take lots of drinks. That today they had to get up, have a big breakfast, get dressed, put their lots of drinks and food into their bags and get to school early. Early mum. Did I tell you we have to be there early? Mum, we have to be at school early tomorrow. Tomorrow, for footy. We have to be early.
Insert vivid images of my brain exploding and shooting out various orifices here.
So cue the school morning scene in this household this morning. Both boys up, fully dressed (including shoes) and ready by … drumroll … 6.20am.
Now imagine every other morning where I’m screaming at them at about 7.45 to FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY GO AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL and you kind of get the gravity of the excitement.
When someone learns how to bottle this make sure to let me know.
Point 3
A few weeks back our favourite cafe advertised for a head chef. Chef naturally went for it even though he hadn’t been looking for a new gig. It came down to him and one other and – obviously as I haven’t blogged about it and if I haven’t blogged about it then it surely hasn’t happened – he didn’t get it.
He was pretty gutted as we all are when you put your hand up but give the wrong answer but as he was happy in his current gig life went on accordingly.
Then the other night he mentioned he’d sent his CV to a long-established well-regarded restaurant on our side of town. Can I just say, he mentioned this only because I asked the specific question ‘have you sent your CV to anyone else’ as we were discussing some possibilities that had come through Twitter (I KNOW!). You see, that’s another male trait in the Berry family – unless you ask the specific question, don’t expect to be told. It’s like they’d be excellent characters in a John Le Carre book.
He went for an interview which went well. He was going to do some trial dinner shifts next week. Then the owner rang and asked if he could do one this week instead. So he went last night.
At about 7.30 I sent him a text wishing him luck and that he was a legend and should just be himself.
At 8.46 he sent a reply saying, ‘Wow they offered me a job’.
Even more impressive was that I had my phone set to silent and didn’t realise he’d sent it. When he got home I was all, how did it go, and he was all, good and then he just sat down. The first episode of The State of Tara was on so granted I was a little distracted but after a few minutes I asked what did they say and he of course said didn’t you get my text.
At which point there was much joy and merriment.
It’s a smidge more money which will make a difference to the current ridiculous state of our budgetary woes and it will see him back working more nights than not, but it is closer to home, back in the role of head chef and a whole new bunch of fresh challenges for him.
And ain’t that better than a hole in the head.
Point 4
I never EVER win anything and this week I won TWO things.
One – the most exquisitely made hat by Sooz. Seriously, her sewing, fabric choice and did I mention her sewing are simply, breath-takingly first rate.
Two – THE book from Meet Me At Mikes. THE book I have coveted since it was published but have not bought due to our dire finances not allowing it combined with my serious self-doubt at my sewing/crafting abilities (which I am more and more coming to realise are probably more related to a lack of space than a lack of interest/intent). I am SO excited.
Point 5
All this good news/luck/happiness has seen a return to us walking to and from school and me buying lottery tickets.
Point 6
A friend from school mentioned she’s started quilting. I have wanted to embark on quilting since I was a teenager but again, see issues in Point 4. I just doubt my ability to do so and also my ability to stick with it. There is still a remarkably intricate and adorable cross-stitch sitting in the top of the linen cupboard which I got about a quarter of the way through while on bed-rest during Oscar’s pregnancy. Anyway, if I do embrace the crafter in me and get quilting, it’ll be using fabrics from somewhere like this. And – of course – Ikea.