Monday. In brief.

  • So I have a wicked head cold which Mum is convinced is going to my chest
  • The chest x-ray I had today will serve to prove or disprove that
  • Another round of blood tests this morning meant for another period of fasting and well, me + fasting =
  • Is there anything worse than a viscious head cold and scratchy sore throat for which you can take no water, no panadol, no respite? Well, sure, there is heaps worse but when you’re hungry and me and stubborn enough to still start the school term with walking boys to and from school then it feels pretty darn foul
  • I’m watching The Crucible with Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder – I can’t stand these sorts of movies – where you see such wrong being done even though you know the ending is good it is still unbearable
  • I have a head ache
  • Grover is sleeping
  • The good in the challenging? That school is back today and Jasper is at kindy
  • New meds are interesting, it appears that without at least eight hours of unbroken sleep they are rendered useless
  • A relative of sorts was scheduled a few weeks back after threatening to kill herself. She’s young. How my heart breaks for her and the journey she must now embark upon. I fear her immediate circle do not truly understand the gravity of it all but that it is not my load to bear
  • Oscar requested a hair cut yesterday so of course the little boys wanted one too and for reasons only explicable to tiredness and being momentarily distracted I agreed and now I have two small children resembling either fat holocaust survivors or toddler deliquents
  • Even though I’ve been silent here I’ve been writing a series of 500 words pieces about parenting
  • Now I need to find someone to publish them
  • Because dudes, as much as I need a box of tissues, saline nasal spray and a good lie down at the moment, I also need to do something to contribute to our cash flow.
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