So the flu that Oscar had last week and is still recovering from?
Has now befallen Felix.
Which means the plans for this week – a day at the Zig Zag railway and then on to my bf’s place in the country for a few days – are now no more.
I’m worried about Felix, he says everything is spinning and everytime he lies down he feels like he’s falling and he’s just got a temperature that just won’t go away.
I took him to the doctor this afternoon but it wasn’t our doctor. I’m going to take him back tomorrow – to our doctor – and hopefully won’t see the other doctor in the waiting room.
Our doctor gave us Tamiflu for Oscar – rather than a script for it, which costs $50. The doc today wouldn’t give it to Felix, just the script. This sounds pathetic, but we don’t have $50 for medications at the moment. I asked him if he could give it to us and he was all oh no no no, we’re only allowed to give it to high risk cases. Excuse me, I thought all children were classified as high risk.
He said it probably was pig flu but that it was actually milder than influenza A so you’re better off getting the former than the latter.
Get this – they suspect that everyone in Sydney will have had it by Christmas.
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  • Frogdancer

    Three of the kids ended up getting Swine flu here, to a greater or lesser degree.

    I escaped. (Got a day off work when David2 was in quarantine that I didn't have to use a sick day for…. my principal directed me to stay away for the day. The sweetest day off I've ever had…

    (The Victorian Govt was giving out free Tamiflu from certain chemists. That's how we all got our doses. Might be worth looking into…)

  • blackbird

    Really? Swine Flu? All of Sydney?

  • kurrabikid

    Eurgh, gross. Poor little Felix. The thought of all Sydney getting this makes me want to stay home and lock the doors – especially since I will have a newborn in a matter of weeks. The thought of it catching this is too, too awful…

  • dancingmorganmouse

    Great, that's something to look forward to then!
    Poor kiddies though, they don't do sick very well.

  • Blossom

    bloody hell!!!thats awful!!!

    hugs all round.

  • Duyvken

    gah! Sorry your plans are ruined. I hope you're all better soon!

  • Badger

    Um, holy crap? When the swine flu was going around over here they made it sound like IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!1!one!

    But maybe that's an American thing. We do tend to overreact.

    Hope everyone is on the mend soon, and a kick in the pants to that stupid doctor who wouldn't just give you the drugs, already.

  • Stomper Girl

    Fair degree of overreacting going on in Australia too, I'd say Badger.

    Felix sounds like he has an ear thing going on if he's getting the dizzies
    You're welcome,
    signed Doctor Stomper.

    (Our nice GP has been bulk-billing us and handing out drugs with our myriad visits lately, thank GOD!)

  • Anonymous

    1. I'm with Badger about the swine flu and with stomper girl about the ear thing (I always suffered with my ears SIGH) and can I suggest laying stomach down, that could help a bit at least with the dizziness.

  • Mary

    That dizziness and temperature thing was something our Will complained about too.

    Bugger about the holiday – a real bugger.

  • kim at allconsuming

    So here's the thing – Swine Flu is actually milder than Influenza A or B but because it's new and noone therefore has immunity it ends up having an impact.

    It comes on quickly with a high temperature and a cough and then the other flu like symptoms (aching joints, headache, nausea, etc).

    I am guessing the reason it's going to rip through all of Sydney is because it's our winter and we're such a friendly bunch all those pashing strangers on the bus and cuddling up on the train is going to fairly bite us on the arse.

    Felix's dizziness is just part and parcel of it – how flu viruses mess with the fluid in your inner ear.

    I took him to see our normal GP today and we ummed and ahhed about giving him Tamiflu as he's definitely not as sick with it as Oscar was/is. We decided not to. Afterall, all it does is reduce its duration from 8-10 days to 6-8.

    But there is still me, Chef, Jasper and Grover. Mum has felt pretty wretched all day so it appears she's got it. I'm more worried about her than anyone as she has a real weakness when it comes to chest infection orientated illnesses.

    I'm so bummed at not being able to go and hang with K for a few days. I had dreams of cooking together, jam making together and sitting each night in front of their awesome fire place drinking large glasses of wine and just doing that thing that girlfriends do.

    Still, there is always next holidays!

  • Kelly

    I have five kids ages 10 and under and we all, myself included, had the swine flu in April. It was rather horrible but to varying degrees for all of us, with myself and my four year old hardest hit. I was a disaster for almost three weeks, obviously because I'm old at 39!!or maybe because i still had to take care of everyone else?!
    the kids didnt take as long as me to feel better, but we never had any meds. they only prescribe it here when you are dangerously ill. take care and get better!!!!