Felix turned nine today. NINE. 9.

How cool is that?

He shares a birthday with Blackbird’s Youngest and she did a cool thing to mark the day on her blog.

I’m going to copy – because I’m shallow and predictable like that – and will post it tomorrow.

For his birthday there were Pokemon cards (of course), a Ben 10 Alien Chamber (natch), and …

a Wii.

Well, it was sort of a birthday present. He wanted one and we told him he’d have to save up for it. So for the last two years or so (have they been around that long? really? are we that slow in adopting new brain-cell killing technology?) he has saved all his birthday and Christmas money and other donations from grandparents as has Oscar. With his birthday money from Grandmama he and Oscar had saved about $300 and we kicked in the remainder.

So life as we know it has ended BUT I also have a brand new bargaining chip. HAHA.

It also means I can start using the Wii Fit I was given for Mother’s Day last week. Noice.

Mum, the boys and I headed in to Chef’s restaurant for brunch which, while brief and disjointed due to taking small children for walks and so forth, was delicious.

Dinner was his request – spaghetti with meatballs (I made salad and garlic bread too) and pavlova for his cake.

Quite a day. As it was nine years ago.