Well thank you for your collective vote of confidence and ‘just keep swimming’ messages – I am determined to keep going as similar to Badger I too am a stunning combination of Stubborn and Stupid.

I almost took the post down such was its pathetic wallowing nature, but instead decided to post today saying I am getting over myself.

I know a large part of this fug is because of current challenges w/ small boys and w/ Oscar. Combine that with the end of school term (this is the last week of Term 1) exhaustion and boredom and the Cranky is more understandable.

Last night we took the two bigger boys to the Swans vs Hawks match – a game that started off looking fairly dodgy and quickly became a goodie. It did go some distance to shake my fug. Nothing like sitting in the stands eating crap watching some live sport to make you feel better.

I also scrubbed the shower and mopped the two bathrooms and kitchen floors. They had been making my neck itch for months a long time and it did actually make me feel better.

And I didn’t eat that much crap at the footy (just some hot chips and a handful of potato chips) and I haven’t turned to food to wet the wallow. So that has to be a plus.

But the clincher for shifting my mood? Oscar goes on school camp tomorrow.
Six words which are music to my ears.
Do you know just how many times I’ve thought to myself the awful phrase ‘I just can’t wait for you to go on camp’ over the last ten days? Eleventy gagillion A lot.
It will be three blissful nights and four awesome mornings of no meltdowns about wearing his super legs, getting ready for school, eating breakfast, going to school, getting in the shower, getting dry, getting pyjamas on, getting ready for bed, insert any other completely standard personal hygeine or daytime activity here.