OH MY GOODNESS people – what an awesome week of rain, calamity, poor planning, stunning location, step-back-in-time campsite, total lack of socks, minimal showering, no washing and a hell of a lot of bacon that was.

More to come (I’m planning it in chapters because people, each and every day made the allconsumings made the Griswalds look good) but in the meantime, here is a photo of the family – about two thirds of the way through a bushwalk which ended up taking over three hours, for which it rained the entire time (oh it’ll pass MY ARSE) and involved scaling fallen trees and determining just where the track went. As Chef said, ‘Well any bushwalk that doesn’t involve having to call the SES is a good bushwalk’. Amen to that.

Oh, and here’s some kangaroos – boxing ones at that! Right outside our tent. I know!