You know

every now and then I get this wave of overwhelming joy at being a mother.

I’ve just had one now and had to document it.

It wasn’t over anything in particular – in fact, I just gave each of the boys a multivitamin – hardly some Hallmark moment.

It is the reality that I carried each of these children in my belly.
That I brought them into the world.
That they are my responsibility – from the most mundane of ensuring they have a jumper with them as the weather cools to deciding their schooling path, deliberating the value of invasive medical procedures to the most wonderful of giving cuddles when they’re hurt, scared, tired or just in need of a snuggle.

It’s a wondrous thing this being a parent.

Moments of mind-boggling frustration and exasperation, dark days of wondering why on earth you had children in the first place (getting fewer and farther between as they get older I must say), the most crushing physical and emotional exhaustion and then moments when you think your heart may well burst with love, pride, happiness or laughter.

I have no idea why this morning giving my boys a multivitamin brought this on – we’re staring down the barrel of a bog standard Sunday – but there you have it.

I should probably put a disclaimer on this that as I type about how much I love being a mother three of the boys are out the back playing with wooden stakes.

Yep, quality parenting in profile.