At least it wasn’t the Effing Engine

So last weekend we ventured to the miniature steam locomotive society. On the way there we went through thunder, lightening, torrential rain and flash flooding. Most excellent.

The skies did clear but there was a district wide blackout so none of the trains were running. I know I know, they’re steam trains, but they need electricity to run the points and some other technical thing one of the weird old train guys aficionados explained to me while I forgot to listen.

The upside of it all was that we got to get up close with the trains – much moreso than the normal riding on them caper.

Anyway, some shots for your general amusement:

Child in heaven
Almost teenager in heaven
Do you have any idea just how hard it is to get a photo of the galoots
A mother’s revenge
. . . although not for this one

. . . or this one

. . . or indeed this one
BUT . . . this one
‘Maaarrrrrmmmmm, you’re embarassing me’
‘Yes, surely you know by now that one of my primary roles as your mother is to ritually humiliate you in public. Now just get on that train.’