Reasons for poor blogging efforts

Walking around 8kms a day in the new both kids at the one local school hip hip hooray now we can all walk/ride/scooter to school regime.

It is very very hot regardless of walking 8kms a day.

I am meant to be working on an article so avoid the computer completely.

Small children = very demanding.

Did I mention I’m currently walking on average 8kms a day?

I am still on top of the whole washing scenario. Take that, you five of the male species who live in this house and insist on wearing clean clothes each and every day.

Did I mention the heat? I know, nowhere near as hot as Melbourne but I don’t do heat.

All the walking and all the hot weather = sweating like some form of pack animal. Attractive.

The sudden increase start of exercise has energised me in other ways. No not that way, although that new years resolution is being achieved quite nicely thank you very much but today, I thought I’d like to make ravioli. From scratch. So I did. And spaghetti. I mean, SERIOUSLY, how ridiculous is that! I also made caramella stuffed with spinach, ricotta, mint and lemon, which I served in a simple flavoured butter of lemon, pepper and pine nuts.

Did I mention I’m walking about 8kms a day?