Excuse me for a moment while I pin some posters up on the bedroom wall

It seems grossly inappropriate to move from last week to this week with this kind of post, but what can I tell ya, you gotta take the good with the bad around here.

So excuse me for a moment for you see, yesterday on my Heaven day when two boys are at school, one boy is at preschool and one boy still likes a middle-of-the-day-for-a-few-hours sleep I schlepped onto the lounge and watched PS I love you.

Oh OK, I know, it is not ground breaking cinema. But Gerard and Jeffrey? OH MY.

I’ve been doing a bit of catch-up on the movie watching of late – blogging and such just didn’t seem right last week. Or this week for that matter, but onward as we say.

Firstly, Doubt. Those bloody bonnets.
But seriously, how good was Amy and Meryl and Phil? I have never witnessed the use of the phrase ‘hmmm’ be used so effectively and so often.

Then there was Zac and Miri make a porno.
I’ve read one review since which absolutely slammed it and gave it one star out of twenty or some such, but Chef and I enjoyed it. What can I say, our humour is puerile.

Ghost Town.
Oh MY Goodness did Chef and I crack up eleventy gagillion times during this one. We now find ourselves walking around and impulsively pretending to dry-retch due to our ‘very sensitive gag reflex’. Look, it’s nothing extraordinary but it is well done.

In other news…
The new series of SYTYCD has started. I can’t really get into it for some reason. None of the dancers appeal to me at all, except maybe the guy from Dubbo who seems goofy and down to earth. Maybe it’s because they are all working as professional dancers – or it at least seems that way.

And Gossip Girl. Totally addicted. I mean, how hot is Chace Crawford and I am convinced that Blake Lively has the best rack on television.

So now, you’ll excuse me while I go swoon over my new eye-candy.