When 1 is 11

From this:
To this:
Happy birthday our beautiful Ogga Boy.

Yes, that’d be the new purple scooter he got for his birthday. The fancy pants scooter he saw, said ‘goo’ and then asked ‘more?’ Nice.

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  • seed

    ~*Happy Birthday Oscar*~

  • Badger

    Oooo! Happy, happy birthday to Oscar! I am awfully fond of that young man, you know.

  • blackbird

    Happy Day!

  • Fe

    Happy birthday Oscar!! And Congratulations to you for getting him to 11!!


  • M

    Happy Birthday Oscar!

  • Eleanor

    Happy birthday Oscar! I love your smile!

  • Suse

    Happy birthday Oscar! My littlest birthday boy got a scooter this week too!

  • Blue Mountains Mary

    What Badger said, exactly.

  • jac

    Happy birthday Oscar! That scooter rocks.

  • Anonymous

    Buon compleanno Oscar!

  • Kill

    How little we know when that first pick was taken, and how unsuspecting we were! I think what we really have learned is that we still know very little! Happy Birthday Boy Number ONE.

  • BabelBabe

    happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, happy birthday dear Oscar, i live in one too!

    xo, dear boy.

  • ThirdCat

    Oh, tubes.
    Well done. All of youse. And many, many happies.

    PS Sorry it’s late