Don’t you always marvel at those days where you find an energy level greater than any other?
I mean there are days around here it’s lucky I have a bra on let alone actually get something done.
Some days emptying the dishwasher is exhausting. Hanging out washing? Pfft.

So Thursday night I’m up until 2am making batches of plum (and cinnamon) and peach jam.
(Note to self: remember your peach jam recipe? The one that requires 2hrs+ of watchful simmering? Yeah. Probably NOT a good idea to start it at 11pm).

And yesterday? Yesterday started at 6am with making a batch of apricot jam. Then the sponge cakes for lamingtons, then the cupcakes to become fairy cakes (or butterfly cakes, depending on your age and location I suspect) as well as hanging out two loads of washing, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the house and then making the scones all the while trying to be attentive to two small children*.

All for a Friday afternoon tea Mum had with friends from her work over to ‘christen the deck’ (a whole event that happened here in November I didn’t blog about because I wanted to include photos and do you think I could be bothered to do that energy-sapping task of downloading them from the camera?).

I could quite easily have made the jams on Wednesday during.the.day. when I had bought the fruit.
I could just as easily cleaned the house on any day leading up to Friday.
I could also have not suggested such an event to Mum or offered to cater for it but I wanted to do something for her after she has done so much for me over the years and in particular the last six months.

So naturally, I left it all to the last minute.

It was all fine except for the absolute sense of panic I had at 2.40 when I still had to shower and clean up the house. When school finishes at 2.45pm.

With the quickest bathroom clean in the universe, a basically cold shower to try and quell the sweating because OH MY GOD it was hot yesterday slaving.over.a.hot.stove., Felix getting home and me having to let him really help (as opposed to the pretend helping I normally give them) and none of them arriving before 3.15, it all pulled together.

Everyone had a lovely afternoon eating fresh scones with lightly whipped cream and a selection of home made jams, lamingtons, fairy cakes, cheese platters, cherries, grapes and watermelon with the final guests leaving at around 6.

I finished cleaning up at 8.10pm as was asleep in bed with Jasper by 9.30 (we were all late to bed due to the excitement and Jasper falling alseep in the middle of proceedings after a monumental meltdown because I wouldn’t put The Polar Express back on* so Felix, Jasper and I lay in my bed singing songs and telling stories for a while – Oscar went to bed up at Grandmama’s last night andwas asleep by 8.30)

I’m doing the same again next weekend with some very dear friends but the menu will be a lot less intensive in terms of actual ‘baking’ and there won’t be any jam making as it’s dinner.

God I’m tired.

* number of times The Polar Express was on yesterday? S.e.v.e.n.
* for the eighth time.