Birthday update

OH thank you one and all – and it was enough to make some de-lurk! Woot!

I’ve had a day of filled with things like breakfast at my favourite cafe and shopping for my pressies as well as trying to find some of the ‘special’ requests from the boys.

  • I am now the proud owner of some new charms for my Pandora – from the boys
  • A new pillow as we decided that maybe the reason I wake up with a headache every day is not a brain tumour but just a crappy cheap pillow. We’ll see.
  • A GEETAR! That’s right, I’ll be playing Stairway to Heaven and the first six bars of Sweet Child of Mine before you know it. I’ve wanted to learn how to play since I was a teenager so am now the proud owner of an entry level instrument, a learn-to-play book and a list of teachers in my area.
  • Some new, precious tree ornaments. Let’s see if they last out the day.

Chef is now at the shops getting ingredients for dinner. Which he will cook.
Good times.

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