A meme again … from Blackbird

  1. Political show – The Daily Show. Not only do I find John Stewart extraordinarily sexy I find it deeply reassuring that there is a populace in America who can laugh at themselves
  2. Picnic food – I do a wicked chicken salad.
  3. Mixed drink – Gin and tonic, although I haven’t had one in years as well, gin and mental health do not get on.
  4. U.S. President – I am beyond excitement about the era we are – as a world – about to enter into with Barack Obama leading the US. I often wonder what the Clinton administration would have truly achieved had more of the American people been ready for change.
  5. Kind of student to teach – I sometimes dally in the idea of retraining to be an English teacher – to be one of those high school teachers students remember decades later as the one who changed their life. Yeah, no tickets on myself over here.
  6. Hobby you do or wish you still did – I cook. Bake primarily, but cook in general. I am very good although I doubt myself daily. I really wish I could sew. Correction, I wish I had the patience to sew.
  7. Sports commentator – It’s really lame, but Bruce McAlveny does it for me most of the time. I can also actually enjoy cricket if Kerry O’Keefe is commentating. I quite enjoy the banter between commentators on the cricket.
  8. Sport to watch on TV – Well ice skating of course, it’s just so 1980s. The Olympics but only some of it – Greco Roman wrestling is kinda skeevy. I am quite partial to watching a day or day-night match of cricket and I like watching the AFL except if Carlton is ahead and then the other team start catching up and it all just gets too stressful.
  9. Animal to have as a pet – Cats, except the one we have and I absolutely love our fish.
  10. Halloween costume you have worn – I don’t do Halloween. It annoys me immensley that it’s becoming more popular in Australia. I mean, you don’t see the country embracing Chinese New Year and handing me red envelopes of money do you? When we lived in Waco, Texas I went as Tinkerbell.
  11. Kind of dessert – If I had my way all meals would be a dessert, preferably fruit based – a crumble, a pie, stewed/poached, you name it. I do have quite a weakness for a decent citron tart.
  12. Comic strip – s shit me to tears.
  13. Style or make of footwear – let’s just say I have champagne taste on a beer budget.
  14. Ice cream flavor – choc peanut butter, but only from Baskin Robbins (they are, I believe, the only place to get it in Australia) and otherwise, well, I don’t do ice cream.
  15. College or university president – I might be an over-achiever but come on. I was coordinator for our University’s orientation week, if that counts?
  16. Internet news source – I am addicted to the Sydney Morning Herald website, even though I find it lacking. The Australian site is better but I just find it so hard on the eye. It never occurs to me to visit a TV station’s online news source or a CNN or Fox or any such thing.
  17. Vacation spot – oh well, is the sky the limit? I dream of taking the family on a proper African safari – you know, for weeks on end. That and a trip to Antarctica. I yearn to return to Italy (I was there over the New Year of 89/90). Y.E.A.R.N. I would LOVE to travel through the US, doing the major cities for a few weeks each, drive up the West coast, camp in some of the big national parks and then just live in New York for a few months. Then we’d move on to Canada and maybe live somewhere up there for a couple of years. I’d also love to do Croatia and that region – apparently it is relatively untouched by tourism and just beautiful. New Zealand would be good in terms of a camping nature holiday. How’s that for starters?
  18. Wine – whatever is under the stairs – we did a wine club for a while and then had two more children which (finally) brought my drinking under control so we’re just working our way through that. Otherwise it is sparkling shiraz for around $15 a bottle. If you’re offering you could buy me a bottle of Piper Hiedsick champagne.
  19. Way to waste time instead of working – I found once I had kids I rarely wasted time at work – I just wanted to get it done and get out again.
  20. Student excuse for late work – I don’t turn things in late.
  21. Reality show – oh my – America’s Next Top Model (the Australian version was LAME-O – I am hoping the arrival of Sarah Murdoch will fix it and that they GET RID of that bloke who is the Oz version of Jay) never fails to keep me amused and my penchant for Australian Idol is well known but my absolute favourites are Project Runway (the Australian version was awful) and both the American and Australian versions of So You Think You Can Dance.
  22. Jewellery on a man – a wedding ring. Anything else bothers me. Unless they’re one of those cool blokes who can carry off some sort of surfer chain (no gold or silver – bleuch) and those cool chunky rings.
  23. Pizza topping – something very simple – like some tomato sauce topped with prosciutto and maybe some gorgonzola or goats cheese and then some fresh basil sprinkled over once cooked, or sometimes just the freshest most thinly sliced mushrooms. But let’s face it, if it’s pizza I’ll eat it.
  24. Children’s movie – just one!?! and are we just talking animation? If so, I love both the Toy Story films, think Monster’s Inc. is fantastic, find no end of amusement in the Ice Age movies but my current absolute favourite is Hoodwinked. If we’re talking ‘normal’ films then I have quite the soft spot for Nanny McPhee, The Water Horse and oh, so many others!
  25. Celebrity you wish would retire – Michael Cain makes my neck itch and in fact the skin covering my entire body crawl.