Idol ruminations – second out

So some surprises with the bottom three – Brooke is in there – maybe not her time because whatshername won last year and she is like her in some ways. Sad though because she has a great voice and is also pretty hot on the camera. Her performance tonight is better than last night but it’s a bit hard to pull off a song like Bette Davis Eyes while wearing Shirley Temple ringlets in your hair.

Thank goodness Thanh is there – Boy Wonder has to go. He is actually meatier in his performance tonight but it’s like what Kyle says about muscial theatre people – they have the musical theatre cancer – he has the boy band cancer.

And Sophie – again, no surprises. She sang a Eurythmics song and quite frankly, if you’re going to take on Annie Lennox you need to be pretty fierce. Tonight’s performance is OK until the vocal gymnastics towards the end which are very pitchy. She will go. Surely.

Fillers. Fillers. Fillers.

Cyndi sings – the woman is a legend.

Fillers. Fillers. Fillers.

And the second one to leave…

Wow, that is a surprise. She is devestated and doing everything in her power not to cry. She sings that These Words song which seems very appropriate and she leaves with dignity. She’ll be around – we’ll see her back in her own right in a few years.