Australian Idol 08 – Top 24, Third 6

So no real surprises with who got through from last night – cutesiepie Luke Dickens and boybandwonder Thahn Bui. Who will be the wildcard from that group? Probably the rockerchic Amanda

Matt Parsons – yeah, he was OK – he seemed pretty calm compared to some of the others. It was a bit M’eh.

Sophie Paterson was another one of the ones shipped back from the UK. She did some countrycomesoulfunk version of The Rolling Stones Satisfaction and it was actually pretty darn good.

Teale Jakubenko is one that I really liked. The fact he is one of EIGHT boys is probably doing something to endear him to me. Tonight he seemed pretty nervous but settled into his Evermore song pretty decently.

Next up was Brooke Schubert – who? Did we have any footage of her? She is freakin’ awesome. Happy, confident, talented. I’ll even forgive her for wearing leggins. She tore it up but Kyle nailed it when he said that she’s doing everything right but something doesn’t make him care.

Mark Spano – the dude who was in a band then had to become a builder and then came back. This year’s Mark de Costa? All the judges are raving.

Kyle is hilarious – ‘you had this cougar (Marcia) purring’

Roshani Pridus was the last singer of the night and did a weird version of Knock on Wood. It was patchy but she wins points for not giving it away that it was patchy.

So who’s through from tonight? Matt and Teale? Mark and Sophie? Teale and Brooke?