Australian Idol 08 – Top 24, First in, Second 6

So they hit the ground running announcing who had been voted in from last night’s Top 12.

Welcome to the Top 12 Chrislyn Hamilton and Wes.
Hardly surprising but hugely relieving they are definites.

First up tonight was Luke Dickens – probably the most stereotypical Aussie bloke from the bush you could dream up. His response on being told he was in the Top 24 was ‘Woohoo, that’s a surprise man, cool’ in a laconic monotone of excitement. It is hugely endearing. Shame about the death metal t-shirts. Thank goodness it was (sort of) ditched for tonight’s show. Turns out his girlfriend (channelling a bit too much goth for my liking and another one with the ridiculous middle of the bottom lip piercing) is also pregnant – the wife/partner of that guy that keeps crying is also preggers). I kinda like that Luke hasn ‘t played that whole ‘this is my last chance because once I’m a dad there’s no way I’ll be able to become famous or achieve anything with my life’.

Next up was Brooke Wilkie – this year’s Brianna Carpenter? She is actually very good but oh my goodness was she nervous and sick. Poor little moppet.

Tom Williams is not only the youngest performer he’s had rheumatoid arthritis. The thing is – they seem so parental towards him and yet Brook and Chrislyn are only 17 – I mean, come on. He sung that You Raise Me Up song and did an OK job – it was a little pitchy when he tried to increase the

Kyle – ‘You’re a young good looking boy, if you’re going to wear a sparkly jacket you have to sing a man’s song. I know you have a ear and throat infection but no one cares’ – on fire Kyle, on FIRE.

Natalie Colavito – a bit of a powerhouse is this one. She performed Listen from that movie that the Hudson girl was in – Showgirls? PowerPuffs? Anyway, I thought she nailed it. Dicko wants her to shake her booty, Marcia wants her to listen more (wt?) and Kyle thought she was tops. Again, I think they are far more critical on the girls than they are on the boys. Interesting.

Amanda Grafanakis – the funny lookin’ rocker chick. Her hair shits me to tears and beyond. I have never understood the half shaved half long hairdo. Ever. The thing is, she has that stage presence to rock it out. She sung Who Knew by Pink and did an OK job of it. I reckon she’ll be a wild card.

Thanh Bui – M’eh. I reckon he’ll turn into this season’s Daniel Hairy Scarfman Misfud.