Top 18

We start with silver suits, epileptic-fit enducing lighting, some awesome in-sync dancing and we’re away.
The second week of SYTYCD US starts… well, it does for us in Aus. For those readers in the US you have permission to leave early.

Who’s your favourite so far?
Who already makes your neck itch?

Cat is wearing some Velvet number with a feathery (furry?) ruff around the hem. An outfit only she could pull off without looking like some sort of fluffy duck.

OH Mia Michaels is on tonight. She’s lost weight this season and has a very natty haircut. I like it a lot.

Theyne and Chelsea
I like these two, but Theyne? What is that name.
And they are some killer sideburns

Their routine last week doing the ChaCha(?) was hot hot hot.
This week – Jazz with Mandy Moore.

Is it just me but are all the girls wearing as little as possible this season?

Anyway, we’re off and dancing.
Untouched by our very own Veronicas. Did you see them at the ARIAS? So thin.
Anyway, it feels a little laclustre.
We’re in some sort of gothic homage to Elizabethan dress.
Unfortunately what is probably meant to look like a bustle looks like a nappy. Unfortunate.
Mia doesn’t like it – says they didn’t nail it.
OH DEAR LORD what is going on with Mary’s hair? and the outfit? Those poor breasts.
So many train analogies.
They’re not on the hot tamale train anymore, they’re in the caboose.
OH, now the train jumped the tracks.
Theyne is very good looking.

Drats. Getting kids out of baths
Chelsie and Mark are up.
What is this? The tango?
They seem very good. Impressive splits in the air, excellent ‘connecting’ with each other.
Oh, this should get raves from the judges, surel.y
Chelsea has quite the rack. And a stubby pinky toe.
Mia loves them – she’s all smiles.
Mary loves them. I can’t get past the fact she used a crimper. Or has Christmas baubles around her neck with dangly earrings as well.

Jessica and Will
OK, the only girl who makes my neck itch is up but I really like her partner.
It was the group act in the eliminations where she got all bolshy.
I thought their tango last week was weak and then there was that whole bit where she wobbled.
They’re OK – I think there are some bits where the judges will say Jessica’s edges were too soft.
Mia picks Jessica totally – ‘a bit cheerleader like’. That she wasn’t even on the stage.
And raves about Will. Calls him a genius.
Mary’s with Mia – ‘not quite there’ ‘powder puffy’, Will is a force to be reckoned with.
is trying to build Jessica up but you know, too little too late.

Matt and Kourtnee
I like these two, I think Matt is really good looking and I just like her.
Last week’s routine was a bit hit and miss though.
This week we’re doin the foxtrot.
Hmm, unflattering frock. She looks dumpy. At that says a lot seeing as she’s 5’9.
I think she and I have the same body type actually as she doesn’t really have a waist.
Mia liked it. She’s not effusive, she loves Matt though. He’s refined.
She doesn’t think Coutney owns her size or length. Which I sort of get.
Mary loves the choreography but is slightly disappointed.
Nigel isn’t disappointed. Phew.
Everyone is very strong. But there were parts that needed more honesty.

Courtney and Gev
Last week they did disco which was a bit hit and miss.
A love dance.
Oh, so much better than the disco. He’s got a bit crush on her. It helps.
Mia didn’t love it as much as I thought she would. She’s hard on Courtney and loving Gev. She’s all about the blokes tonight.
Mary loved it. She’s screaming.
Nigel thinks they fit each other.

Katee and Joshua
I think Katy has to go a long way to regain public opinion of her after her little performance at the picking of the Top 20.
I love Joshua. L.o.v.e. him.
They were great doing hip hop last week and this week looks the same.
This week is broadway. Again, they are really good from the very first note.
I love that sort of piece. Love it. I want a piece like it every week.
Nigel is UP! He’s dancing! He’s yelling!
It was – as Nigel says – pure entertainment.
Oh Mary thinks they should come with a warranty – satisfaction guaranteed.
Apparently Joshua is in the tralala part of his heart.
Mia thought it was amazing.
I want hair like Mia Michaels.
Lots of talk about their spirit. And Mia reckons their bodies are right their with the spirit. Which you know, you’d hope was the case as well, otherwise, wouldn’t they be dead?
Again, Joshua is apparently a force to be reckoned with.

Susie and Marquis
Oh I forgot about this one – she makes my neck itch as well.
It strikes me she’d look more at home on The Real Wives of Orange County.
This season it seems that if you don’t like it that much you say you like the choreography and not the performance.
All three judges are talking in terms of things being laboured, too calculated, too much thought, not enough down into it.
All disappointed in Suzie as this is her thing.
More chemistry in High School Chemistry 101 than on that stage.
Thanks Mary.

Kherrington and Twitch
I like these two – she has great hair.
Twitch is funny. As in funny hahah.
They’re doing the Viennese Waltz tonight and Twitch is hilarious – ‘I don’t know anything about the Viennese. I hear they’re good people.’ Funny guy. With fake glasses.
OH GAH – to Celine. Still, they are nailing it.
Did I mention what awesome hair Kerrington has?
Can you tell mine hasn’t been cut since January?
Oh, we’re fighting back tears.
Mia and Nigel are disagreeing. Nigel thinks she is one of the most beautiful dancers they’ve ever had on the show.
OK. Mary is fully crying. Kerrington is an angel, Twitch is insane.
Nigel is gushing.
So much love in the room.

Oh I can feel it – Australian Idol starts in two weeks. Oh yes it does. And lets all say a quiet prayer of gratitude that the crazy fucknuckle that is (was?) Mark Holden has gone from this season. Gaaawwwwwn.

Comfort and Chris
Last week they were AWESOME.
This week they’re crumping.
It’s Comfort’s thing. Debutante Chris looks scared.
I think he does it well.
Mia is giving praise but it feels almost like criticism.
Mary is mellow.
Nigel is just in form tonight. Apparently his grandmother is more gangster than Chris.
He really is a geeky white guy. Poor pet.


So I just went to the official website to check spelling of names?
To discover the whole season is over.
And who the winner is.

GOD I HATE the programmers at Channel 10.