Australian Idol 08 – Opening Night

Can you believe it’s that time of year again!?!
Chef is THRILLED*.

Basically I think the show has seen the success of SYTYCD, been a little spooked and acknowledged the world truth that if it works, copy it copy it and copy it some more.
I’m pretty happy with the changes to this year – Ricki Lee – I believe she’s Australia’s answer to Kat Keely.
I am SO pleased that Mark has gone. Last year he was beyond loopy. BEYOND.
I am one of the few who think Kyle Sandilands is pretty much on the money every single week. This week he perfected the totally inappropriate dirty smutty old man routine which is sure to get people on some righteous band wagon. Delicious.

Favourite quotes
‘You can be Australia’s own all singing, all dancing eunuch but it’s a no from me.’ – Dicko
‘ Even though you look more like the guy who’d abduct me from the side of the road, musically you were excellent. Is that some weird sort of felt vest?’ – Kyle
‘Go get a job with world vision because you’re not going to save the children with your voice.’ – Dicko
‘Look at you! Holy guacamole. Look how orange you are.’ – Kyle
‘ The theatre crowd can never shake the theatre cancer.’ – Kyle

To watch:
Sarah Carnegie
Casey Freeman
the musical theatre girl

Audition shows every night this week, Top 100 next Sunday.
It’s all good.

On other news…
Oscar was part of his dance group’s routine at the Sydney Eisteddfod (you know, the one they basically denied him last year) so Felix and I sat through 25 dance routines by primary school kiddies. Yeah, more on that later.

* Not so much.