So, before I fell pregnant with Jasper I started my Masters in creative writing. Well technically, I was about four weeks pregnant when I enrolled and curiously, the day of enrolment featured me thinking about what I wanted for lunch and the idea of a mango smoothie appealled instantly. Which in a normal non-incubating me would have resulted in an instant gag reflect. And I thought to myself with a laugh, imagine if I’m pregnant. Haha hahahahaha.

Anyway, I got through a year of a three year program and have never gone back . Disappointing.

For I loved it more than I had ever loved any other formal learning setting in my life. I was writing and boy oh boy was I reading. And reading things I would never have otherwise read.

Then I had Jasper in October 2005 and have not read a book since. Oh sure, I think I started The Kite Runner. I think there was a Margaret Atwood in there somewhere too, and Colleen McCullough’s book about murder in a medical research company. They were all started and I don’t think I got beyond page three. Or maybe twenty four.

So, last night, I finished a book.
It has taken me two and a half months.
Granted, I probably should have returned to reading with something a little less morbidly curious as We need to talk about Kevin but I found it compelling and infinitely enjoyable all the same.
I’m not doing the whole book review thing as I find it tedious.
Let’s just say it’s a good thing.