A random update of sorts

as I procrastinate out of cleaning the kitchen; emptying the dishwasher; hanging out two loads of washing; washing make-up off my face; flossing; putting sorted washing away.

1. I wore new clothes today. Some people noticed and asked why I was looking so fancy. Some – my mother – told me I looked ‘flashy’ which could be code for fat or slutty or cheap or just her way of trying to get from me how much it cost. Who the hell knows. But most importantly, the outfit featured an underwire bra. Not on display of course. And apart from the chest pains mid-afternoon due to an underwire issue, it felt good. First time one of those has been on this body on about three freakin’ years.

2. I also wore stockings and heals and people? I might have an amazonian gut and bosom aplenty but the legs are hot and being able to show them off makes me feel pretty darn good.

3. I’m trying new dos with my hair and I’m liking it – it’s tousled. Or according to Chef:
‘What’s going on with your hair poppet? It looks like sex hair’
Ha ha. hahahahahaha.

4. AB and I were talking about the little boys carers and were appalled at our lack of care in that there were some we didn’t know from a bar of soap. They are referred to as “skanky hoe” and “gigantor dwarf”. The latter of which – as Chef and I were trying to explain her appearance (all I had got to was a tall oompah loompah which I thought was better than Chef’s definition of ‘the one who looks like she has downs’) we got to this definition and people, we were laughing so hard the children came running from all corners of the house to see what on earth this was – Mummy and Daddy? Laughing? But Crying?

5. Jasper is still wearing his one piece cossie as his clothing of choice every single day. Even to kindy. You know, child #3 should simply be named ‘the path of least resistance’.

6. Grover is now standing without holding on to anything. Yeah.

7. I don’t know but I like a list to go to 10.

8. It’s not going to happen.