So You Think You Can Dance – LIVE!

So they’re back.
Tonight’s Last night’s theme is was about mixin’ it up as they all get got new partners and have had to do a 1 minute solo to a movie theme.

Some initial points.

Jase – call one of the women ‘darl’ one more time and I may hunt you down and call you ‘pet’ over and over. While dancing badly. Through the music. Not on the beat.
It is so patronising.
Stop it.

Bonnie – well didn’t we get up on the wrong side of the bed.

OK — so sorry about the break in transmission last night, I was dying from exhaustion on the lounge and tonight I’ve been busy putting my kids to bed and listening to them read. Hah. Parenting. What a trip.

So last night, the abridged version.

1. What is with the love affair with Rhiannon? I just.don’
2. Isn’t Graeme a honey.
3. Is anyone else bored Bored BORED with the whole I’m a dancer not a gymnast story from Anthony. Snore.
4. I loved Kate and Rhys and thought their performance was fantastic.
6. I thought the best solos were Rhys and Graeme.
7. Vanessa and Jack – m’eh. But I love Jack.
8. Demi and Graeme did a weird bug thing – it was pretty interesting but I kind of forgot to watch from about half way through.
9. Jemma and Anthony’s cha cha was lack lustre. Jemma shits me. Which is unfair because there’s no real reason for it.
10. Which brings me to Rhiannon and Henry’s performance.
I mean COME ON
Anyone worth a grain of salt had watched the US series and all of us had cried at Mia Michaels’ choreography to a reunion in heaven between her and her dad that was danced by Neil and Lacey.
Are we really meant to believe this was legit – a dance of mourning?
It just seemed so contrived.
And then…
And the crying during the judging?
Not just quiet tears
But sobbing.

And tonight he was safe.
What the???

Anyway, those on the losers pile tonight
Girls – Rhiannon and Jemma
Boys – Anthony and Graeme

And Jemma is gawn. GAWN.

As in Anthony.

I have no idea what it is about Rhiannon that is keeping her in but there you have it.
And I’m so pleased Graeme gets another week.