So You Think You Can Dance – LIVE!

Well doesn’t Natalie I love the ‘h’ Bahsinhghthwhaithe look a peach tonight.
Not sure what Jase was thinking with his homage to Brokeback Mountain shirt
Or Bonnie’s increasingly irritating laugh
I really hate guys wearing fedoras that are a tad too small
Really annoying
There’s a guest judge wearing a shirt in a very challenging colour
Apparently she’s one of Australia’s best dancers but I missed her name.
And don’t think I’ve ever seen her before.

First up – Kate and Graeme
I love these guys.
I think they’re really talented and Kate doesn’t wear makeup applied by a spatula.
Or do the wide eyed over-acting that one of my other favourites does.
Ooh – outfits channeling Mad Max.
Weird take on jazz.
Call me a traditionalist but I I like some jazz hands with my jazz.
That said, pretty high-energy, hard core, excellent unison performance.
Light and shade, yes indeed Matt, yes indeed.
Jase tells some story about a taxi driver. Snore.

*Alert for crafters – Spotlight opens tomorrow at 8am in Belrose – hop to it!*
Austrlian Army ad – I reckon I would have been good in the army.
You know, because I’m bossy.
And like order.
I really like Law & Order, in all it’s manifestations and used to watch it all the time.
Chef doesn’t like it.
He doesn’t work that many nights at the moment, so I haven’t watched it for months.
I miss it.

Rhiannon and JD – my least favourite pair.
Doing their own choreography to Mika’s Big Girl You Are Beautiful
They want to make Australian laugh
This could be bad.
It was a bit lame but they seemed to be having fun.

Rhys and Jemma doing their own chorry. Or is it chorrie?
Some sort of pony ride thing
They were quite good but I’m glad these things are quite short.
It’s the type of thing you watch with your lips pursed and your eyes in a squint as you’re waiting for the wheels to fall off.

Vanessa and Henry are doing contemporary.
its some sort of homage to capoiera. It’s not their strongest.
It’s like it’s too slow – they needed to up the pace by about 10 per cent and it would have been bloody impressive.
This is just like they’re rehearsing.
Judges – not edgy, not musical, just a martial arts display – and I are in agreement.

Ooh, next up new pair Camilla and Anthony – oh goodie.

These are the crappest ads in the universe.
That Nestle Diet yoghurt ad? HATE IT.
That NRMA insurance ad? Where the car or the house attack the intruder? HATE IT.
Some Australian movie about school girls with Toni Collette? Looks AWFUL
Jessica trying to sell me Garnier hair products? HATE IT.

Camilla and Anthony – doing the lambada
The dance of forbidden lurve.
hideous outfit on camilla
And while Henry and Vanessa were too slow, these guys seem too fast.
They’re both just so nice and earnest.

Demi and Jack doing the special challenge to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.
Yeah, it’s alright.

Jemma and Rhys’ real performance and they got musical theatre
All about the unison
Which I think they get
But it just lacked a bit of something for me – like they were so obsessed with the unison they forgot to be in the performance.

Kate and Graeme’s own choreography
They’s was the best so far.
Tonight this pair are so the strongest. The strongest.

Rhiannon and JD doing Hip Hop
Apparently this is called Hip Hop Popping

I’m really bored with this tonight.

Camilla and Anthony’s own dance – to Kanye West

Vanessa and Henry – OMG HER VOICE
I can’t actually see them dance because her voice blinds me.

GOD – still Demi and Jack to go.
I’ve got washing up to deal with.

Does anyone else think Women’s Murder Club is just a dumb premise?
NCIS shits me too.

Demi and Jack are doing contemporary
High energy, action, violence. It was impressive even though it started to flail at the end.

Well, thank goodness that’s over. Tonight was a long hard viewing slog.