Saturday was

– sleeping in to 8am. Sure there were some wakeup at 12, 2, 6 and 7, but 8 was the official getting up time
– cleaning the kitchen
– load of washing, on.
– dropping Felix at play date which involved hoofing it across a park to say thank you to the family looking after him
– fanging it up to the inlaws to drop off Oscar and Jasper
– flooring it into the city with Grover to pick up my best friend from school, K, who had flown into Sydney for the weekend
– focusing on not crashing on inner-city streets
– parking
– not able to both talk fast enough for long enough
– pedicures
– chocolate
– yum cha
– window-shopping
– talk talk talking
– dropping her off at her next catch-up event
– picking up Oscar and Jasper, getting a text from Felix’s friend’s mum offering to keep him overnight
– home
– burn chocolate for dessert for 10 year reunion dinner of mother’s group
– burn rice for dinner for Mum and boys
– try and find poo Jasper has done somewhere that is all over his arse
– clean Grover as he found it
– start dessert again
– make dessert
– make dinner
– shower
– straighten hair
– find clothes
– bundle up dessert
– feed boys dinner
– car
– five hours of catching up with everyone, I fear I spoke too much and swore even more
– effing brilliant