Top 3 is a design store in Sydney my old boss ED put me on to. I adore it – they have the quirky, the weird and the desirable all rolled into one. I know I’m not their target market because a) I do not have disposable income and b) I do not live in any form of housing with water views and c) I do not have disposable income but I hang out at their site regularly.

This is an undated diary. Apparently it’s so you can set your own agenda.

A jewel tree. So handy if I had any.
I’m very taken with this idea. You can get different animals and scenes. They’re called wall puddles, which is just enchanting. And so much more desirable than ones of the floor. But somehow I know in our house, they’d fall off in the middle of the night. Behind the bookshelf. Never to be seen again.

This vinyl wall mural would not fall off. The children would pick it off instead.
I can imagine these in the renovated Paddington terracehouse of someone with no children which is white on white on white and sounds all echoey regardless of how many people are there for cocktails, who works in advertising, calls everyone pet or treasure or darl, has fingers laden with bvlgari jewels, goes to gallery openings and has a little place just a couple of hours out of Sydney ‘just to get away’. They manage to be kinda cool and very creepy all at the same time:
Creepy #1
Creepy #2
Creepy #3
(I’d half expect the hand to come alive and grab me. Squick!)

If real life kids don’t scare the bejeebus out of you, try a mirrored one climbing your wall. Boo.

It’s a doorstop

How awesome would this look in your loft appartment?
It’s a coat hook and while I love the idea, I know that ultimately, if I had to look at it each and every day? It would shit.me.to.tears.
These however I would become quite obsessive about

And this is similarly adorable. And it is a bottle opener. So you could open Vodka Cruisers and that makes it even more appealing.

Oh how I love the idea of sitting in my adirondack chairs in our perfectly manicured back yard with a tray of pastries, a pot of fresh coffee and the weekend broadsheet papers while some delightful finches frolicked gaily in and out of the bird feeder. As opposed to the reality of a yard crowded by a cubby house only used by spiders, a massive trampoline worth every.single.penny. and a neighbourhood wild animal urinal sandpit with patchy lawn, dust bowls and dog shit to negotiate around. And we don’t have finches, we have noisy miners. Rodents of the air.