So four nights ago Jasper woke at about 10pm full of a cold.
Two nights later it brought Grover down.
Then yesterday Felix was all croaky.
And this morning Oscar is coughing.

Just in time for the start of the school year on Wednesday.

A very good friend of ours – an expat American – quit his job last week after his boss, seemingly intent on his removal for some time, finally made his position untenable in the form of a new contract that saw substantial pay cuts as well as all of the expat-American-in-Australia-kickbacks.
We saw them last night and it was a remarkable transformation – the old B was back – fun, witty, confident, comfortable, relaxed and most importantly that grim holding of the jaw and shoulders was gone.
But it’s not without immense stress and a very real sense of free-falling.
For they are not Australian residents, so he needs to find another job and find it fast and get them to sponsor him.
Otherwise they have to get rid of their car lease by the end of this week
Give notice to the real estate agent (as they rent their house)
and leave the country within 28 days.

I struggle to even fathom how I’d handle being faced with such a scenario.
I’m struggling to imagine how I’m going to be without them in the country.

I’m working on his CV today.
I’ve been having one of my regular pity parties about how we’re never going to own our own home when a friend called to tell us they’d bought a weekender – two suburbs from us. They live half an hour away from us.
I am absolutely thrilled for them – and it has the added bonus of providing another person for me to lob in on over the weekends or school holidays when this house starts to feel – ah – crowded.
But as Chef said, “we don’t even own one house in Sydney…”
When I was in my mid-20s and having a pretty significant identity crisis, Chef and I made the decision to start our family early.
One of the things we knew about each other very early on was that our life together was all about the creation of a family not the accumulation of wealth.
But I still smart a little as those around me stride forward in leaps and bounds financially while we flounder around like a fish dying slowly in the sun. On the pier.
For I am one of those people who always says we make our own story. That we all make our own future and choices.
I’m just in one of those zones where I can’t help feeling perhaps we have made the wrong ones.