snip snip

It’s amazing isn’t it.
A haircut is as good as a holiday.
Great cut, good colour and all feels a little bit better with the world.
The big boys are back at school tomorrow.
I can only imagine how I will be feeling when Grover is heading off.
GOD how I will celebrate.
You all know I will
And eat a whole LOT of cake.

Go check out my efforts in the latest Daring Bakers Challenge.

I can already feel the pace of the year taking off.
Oscar has another round of botox at the end of February and needs new super legs as he has grown so much over the holidays.
After the boys are deposited at school tomorrow I am heading to officeworks as we, as a family, need a whiteboard.
So much is already falling out of my head.

I dearly want Felix to keep up his after-school art class on Fridays, but he has informed me he doesn’t want to do art as it ‘wastes his afternoon’.
How do I make him realise that it is worth continuing as he loves it when he is there and just because his two best mates don’t do it, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. (Because I KNOW this is why he wants to stop.)
I’m cancelling his keyboard lessons as they are useless and a waste of time – but I need to find a decent piano teacher to start him having private lessons instead.
He also wants to play the trumpet in the school’s training band.
Which I am thrilled about.
And will remain thrilled about until the instrument comes home and has to be practiced upon.
At which time GOD HELP US ALL.
Apart from that it is swimming this term and then Auskick will – ahem – kick-off for the winter months.
Sports – tick.
Music – almost tick.
Art – kick kick kick.

Oscar is doing swimming and is in the school boy’s dance group, with soccer in the winter season.
Which may explain his ability – which DRIVES ME NUTS – to do some weird homeboy jazz-hands-gone-wrong whole-body-gyrate when he is remotely excited or pleased about something.

I need to look into kinder-gym for Jasper.

In other news, I am SO BORED with my template.
I want something funky, that I could add tabs to – so you could click from here into Hey Mum and Boombalardy and even MongoChromo if I could get motivated to write about the whole special needs gamut without falling into a pit of despair.
Then it could have a shop section where I could sell my relishes and my book.
For it is one of my goals for this year – to self-publish a cookbook.
We’ve registered allconsuming as a business name and a url, but I need to get my arse into gear about web-hosting so I can be all grown up with my own web address.
I want it to have an illustrative quality to it – maybe something with four little people and a frazzled looking bigger person and another bigger person looking like a Chef in there too.
I love the look of the people in books like Milly Molly Mandy but also the wiry tenuous appearance of characters in Charlie Brown.
I love green but am also very partial to blues and browns in the chocolate and taupe hue.
So if any of you creatives out there have an inkling.
You know.
Let’s talk.

In other news…
it’s really late and I’m up doing my friend B’s CV.
Man is it hot.
And humid.
And Martha is on.
That woman is so scary.