It’s all barren nesting over here

In the last two days I’ve:

  • mowed the back lawns (on Sunday I mowed the front AND mastered the use of the whipper snipper, clearly the most male-orientated tool I’m yet to come across. I mean it really is very.poorly.designed. what with how all the grass (and tiny shards of god knows what) fly back at you and how hot the engine part gets… which is RESTING against your body if you are to get the correct angle to have any impact on the edges whatsoever)
  • weeded about two thirds of the back gardens and re-established the edges
  • cleaned mum’s house – including bathrooms and wiping down kitchen cupboards
  • washed down the front door and flyscreen and scrubbed the front porch/steps

I feel like I’m moments away from thinking a craft project would be nice.

We’ve got our friends the D’s coming over for dinner tonight – a little dinner we’re rustling together to belated celebrate B turning 40. Hahahahahaha. Sorry.

The menu is going to be:

  • freshly shucked oysters
  • linguine with julienned zucchini, lemon and chilli
  • grilled barramundi fillets with broccolini, olives and tomatoes (a version of a recipe in the latest VE&T)
  • although
  • I have a real hankering to roast a big lump of beef and serve it with green beans and a butter flavoured with olives, anchovies and tarragon. But I have a feeling it’s just too hot for such a creation.
  • Dessert is either going to be this months Daring Bakers Challenge or a trifle.

Just reading this has made me realise I need to get a very serious wriggle on…