Delightful, trying, go figure

My best friend K came over today. A complete surprise (she lives about 8 hours drive away and was in Sydney visiting family and me!) we ate tarts, drank tea and talked and talked.
She also bought me a set of Nigella cake and biscuit tins AND flowers.
OH how I love her so.
I see her as my sister and while she has plenty of those I have none, so my sister she is.
The Groovemeister Grover is starting to well and truly eat and need solids.
Cruskits are an absolute winner.
Anything off a spoon might as well be poison.
Tonight I made caramelised lime fish and rice and he just ate bits of fish and rice off my finger.
Rice. Unmashed. Just whole clumps of rice with the sauce and all.
But he’s not eating solids on any sort of impact scale as yet and well, I’m kinda ready for him to be having three neat meals a day and NOT SO MUCH BOOB.
On top of this development he is now quite intent on pulling himself to standing and is quite fixated with the stairs to Grandmama’s.
This is of course impacting on everything. Less sleeping, more wakeful, much whinging, many clunky head-hitting the floor tears and a whole lotta babbling discussion about just how frustrating it is.
Today has been quite trying to say the least.
That said, he is just delicious and has done so much to stop me falling into a anxiety laden pit these last few days.
Go figure
Chef went back to work today and did more to help me this afternoon after he’d been at work than he did in an entire week when he was on holidays.
Felix had one of his little mates, C, over today.
2007 saw him form very firm friendships with C and M, which was just lovely to watch unfold.
Chef does not have that many ‘mates’ as such and I think it is really noticeable.
I so how Felix maintains his male friendships throughout his life.
Anyway, they had a sensational day which culminated in us walking over to the beach to just hang out.
As they cavorted in the surf, tackling each other into oncoming waves and building bit pits only to try and save them from destruction from the incoming tide, laughing and carrying on I just clocked the moment as one of those quintessential memories for all of us.
As Felix said, “I had a lovely day with C today”.
That since Christmas my stomach has not been itself.
All tight and tied in knots.
A constant feeling of mild nauseousness.
Like morning-sickness.
Chef commented this afternoon that maybe it was the second coming.
Haha. Hahahahaha.
I thought it was just because I’d gone from months of eating low-fat good-for-my-body-and-mind foods to inhaling enough saturated fat to stave off malnutrition in a small African nation, but a return to healthier eating has done little to assuage the pains and ill-feeling.
Coupled with an inability to sleep.
There is much on my mind at the moment and while I am trying to get it out of my head and into some sort of plan it seems my stomach, my head and my heart are all tied up in knots at the moment that no manner of list writing or discussion is resolving.