25 things

because if it’s good enough for blackbird

25 things of which I never tire (in no particular order)

  1. cooking
  2. sourdough with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper
  3. lemon tart
  4. browsing kitchen appliances – big and small
  5. writing
  6. daydreaming
  7. oil burners
  8. anyone giving me anything from L’Occitane
  9. designing our own home
  10. tonic water with a wedge of fresh lime
  11. sparkling shiraz
  12. blogging
  13. toasted sourdough topped with the freshest of fresh ricotta, a drizzle of honey and a smattering of cinnamon
  14. rainy days
  15. cake
  16. the smell of the first raindrops hitting the hot ground
  17. a southerly buster
  18. Beethoven
  19. my kids’ laughter
  20. Good shoes
  21. The promise of a new handbag
  22. Good hosiery
  23. Matching bra and underpants
  24. Early morning sun on a winter’s day
  25. handmade chocolates