nougat update *UPDATED*

nougat flavoured toffee anyone?

So the toffee part of the above was slightly misleading.
Toffee conjures up images of those delicious treats you’d buy at the school fete and hopefully there’d be ones left that had the hundreds and thousands on top.
In a pink cupcake case.

No no my friends.
This is more the consistency of Minties.

That means it is virtually impenetrable.
It tastes like nougat but forget pulling your fillings out, this will take out your whole tooth.
It is virtually impossible to cut.
And that’s with a serious knife dipped in boiling water.

If it was toffee then I’d simply chop it (or smash it, depending on my mood) into shards and put it through ice cream as many of you so wisely suggested.

But this is more like tar.

Or, if my craft terminology was to serve me correctly.