Started at 4am with Oscar.
Who tried again at 4.30.
And then went upstairs at 5.30.
And we finally gave in at 6.
But had to wake Felix up.
He is so my favourite.
There was much excitement and not quite knowing what to look at first.
I was so tired my eyes were scratchy and my fingers and hands so sore from so.much.baking that I was a bit shaky and struggled to take all those EFFING metal ties coated in plastic that strapped all the toys down nice and safe for their trip FROM CHINA.
Although we did our bit for the GDP of Taiwan as well.
Santa broke ALL THE RULES and gave the big boys a Nintendo DS EACH.
Chef excelled himself by getting a present for me from each of the boys – their first name initial as charms for my Pandora bracelet (given to me for my birthday from our beautiful friends, the Ds).
I made a brekkie of pancakes, poached eggs (for mum) and ham, which I fried in a pan with maple syrup. OMG.
Lunch at Chef’s sister’s place.
The most divine turkey, stuffing and gravy a la SIL’s husband’s mum.
More present frenzy.
So much relentless cleaning and tidying with little impact
Dinner for people who hadn’t eaten their body weight three.times.over. at lunch.
More cleaning and tidying.
Gave up.