• little boys getting a hair cut
  • the realisation that the littlest guy is possibly even happier and smilier than Jasper was and is
  • buying new zebra fish for the fish tank
  • acknowledging I am an awesome owner of fish
  • telling the dogs – on catching Cocoa red-mouthed sneaking into the house to steal shoes under the cover of darkness – that sneaking into the house to steal shoes and being caught in the act is not an occasion to come at me wagging their toes. Or tails.
  • taking all four boys to the swimming lessons for two of them
  • meeting a mother at swimming who has five boys aged from 20 to 5, one of whom has special needs the same age as Oscar (Her name was Neeta. Don’t let me forget that)
  • taking the advice of everyone to be nice to myself so ordered pizzas on the way home only to get home and discover Chef had got home and made dinner
  • a dinner of delicious pizzas in the delightful knowledge I have dinner already made for tomorrow night… that I didn’t make
  • getting teary at some doco on baby orphaned elephants
  • confirmation that the youngest child is a true gem… behold photographic evidence of the first bottle tried also being the first bottle taken without a murmur: